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Are you looking for a great hemp seed product with integrity and quality? Jeff’s Best Hemp offers just that! I met Jeff at my local farmer’s market and was drawn to his booth by his sign that read: “Delicious and Nutritious, with Nothing Suspicious!” At least I knew he had a sense of humor.

I quickly learned about the care and devotion he puts into his line of products so that he can share the health benefits they provide with other individuals. He offers products that are raw, vegan, gluten-free, organic, cruelty-free, and non-GMO. If you prefer your hemp seeds lightly toasted with sea salt, garam masala flavored, or mixed with cacao – he’s got that too! Jeff takes care of every detail down to the packaging to ensure that his products represent everything that is important to him. I wanted to learn more.

How did Jeff’s Best Hemp get started?
For me, it was about not being happy with the choices that were available out there.  I’ve been a vegan for almost 20 years, I’m a cancer survivor, and I always make decisions based on what I would want to find. A few years back, when I started learning a lot more about hemp and getting even more nutritionally savvy, I got to the hemp category and kept revisiting it because I love it.  I loved the nutrient density. And the more I learned, the more and more I really liked what it offered.

The only choices that were available then, I wasn’t really happy about. They were all in plastic, all the same stuff that had been there for years, things in canisters – people were just really flippant about it. My mom is a cancer survivor as well and I worked doing brokering for Flora [Flora Incorporated is a distributor of Udo’s Choice Products in the U.S. and Canada] for years; they do a lot of their stuff in glass – I love their work, I love Udo, and I think he’s an awesome guy. When I came to the hemp category, I was just irritated! So, I started saving my cash and about 2 years later I launched my first products.

I love that Jeff’s Best Hemp offers such a wide range of products, flavors, and tastes; you don’t just limit yourself to hemp seeds. What two products do you recommend for our readers who aren’t familiar with you?
I would say the hemp protein and cold filtered hemp seed oil because of the nutritional impact; systemically and for your overall homeostasis. The benefits are so wide-ranging.

Hemp seeds and hemp seed oils are a great source for plant-based omega-3 fatty acids. As a society, we’ve become deficient in our intake of omega-3’s, and our overconsumption of omega-6’s has made this deficiency even more pronounced. Freshness is so important with omega-3’s and spoilage is a concern. How do you ensure quality in your products?
We have a temperature controlled facility tucked in the hills of San Juan Capistrano under tons of metal and concrete. We keep it at a nice low temperature all the time and that’s the way you preserve freshness.

We also do everything in really fresh, small batches and we’re one of the only companies that really does that. Rather than having two or three thousand bottles done at the beginning of the year, we actually do them in nice small batches; so closer to two or three hundred per batch.

It really shows that you put a lot of care in your products. Where can we find them?
We are at Whole Foods, Jimbo’s, Henry’s, and other natural markets. You can check out the ‘Now Available At!’ link on our website for up-to-date listings. You can also order through by going to the ‘Shop!’ link on our website.

You can find out more about Jeff and Jeff’s Best Hemp by visiting their website:  
In health,

Bahareh is a certified Health Coach based in Encinitas, California. She empowers others to live healthier, happier lives by eating healthy, reducing stress, and finding balance.


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