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Tell us about 420•LTD™ Apparel.
420•LTDâ„¢ apparel is everything street about the 420 lifestyle, a premium clothing brand for the Cali way of life with a focus on the 420 subculture. 420•LTDâ„¢ represents the hustle, lifestyle, and culture of California or as how we like to say it around here…the “Californication”. Far from your typical stoner, hippie, tie-dye, cliché and novelty clothing, 420•LTDâ„¢ takes our creative direction from the surf, skate, action sports, graffiti, reggae, urban and hip-hop lifestyles blended into one with 420 overtones. We bring slick and clean designs to represent the 420 way of life. When you wear the 420•LTDâ„¢ brand, you’re adding class to your ‘STASH’.

How did you come up with the 420•LTD™ name?
The 420 stands for the CA state bill that allows people to smoke marijuana medicinally; but currently, there are only 15 other states plus the District of Columbia that have similar laws. Until all 50 states make smoking marijuana legal, then maybe we can change our name to 420 Unlimited! The LTD also stands for limited, meaning most of our designs will be limited to 420 pieces or will be only available for a limited amount of time.

How did you come up with the idea?
I looked around for clothing to help me represent my love for the lifestyle, the hustle, and the culture behind it. Everywhere I looked, I found the clothing to be poorly designed, loud, and in your face. I said to myself, if this is what most smokers are wearing, then no wonder the general public has attached a negative stigma to cannabis! So I decided to start a clothing company for people to represent their strains and their culture, a niche and customer base that is growing everyday as more and more people smoke and marijuana becomes more mainstream and decriminalized. The proliferation of marijuana in TV shows, music, amongst celebrities, and its acceptance in society made me feel that it was the right time to start a clothing company to represent the new face of 420! A clothing company that would have fresh, slick and clean designs that even a non-bud smoker would want to rock. Our mission is not just to make the best clothing, but to make a difference too.

How do you think you can make a difference?
We believe in giving back and we plan to do that by donating 10% of our online sales to organizations that fight for marijuana users’ rights and education. Every month we will feature a story of how marijuana has helped a person medicinally. For allowing us to feature their story on our website, we will sponsor their doctor’s renewal for the year! Also, the more people who wear clothes by 420•LTD™, the more it will be in the public eye. So if society sees someone who they perceive as ‘normal’, wearing the shirts and not looking like a typical ‘stoner’, then they might say to themselves, maybe marijuana isn’t so bad after all. Instead of associating marijuana with staying at home, sitting on the couch, and letting the day pass by, they instead will see the many faces of 420•LTD™ as contributing members of society. By changing people’s view on cannabis, maybe we can influence them to vote ‘yes’ when and if there is a proposition to legalize weed! We here at 420•LTD™ hope that with every visit to our website, every sale, every design, we can bring social awareness and break the stereotypical image of a ‘stoner’. Not only are you supporting 420•LTD™ when you buy our products, but you’re joining the movement and supporting the cause!

Who is your target market?
420•LTD™ represents the new face of 420; some may see us as anti-establishment, against the grain, outcasts, outlaws, outsiders, the counter-culture, hustlers and grinders, and the fringe of society. We may be all that, but at the same time, we are also the forward thinking, progressive, rebels with a cause, and leaders of the pack. Our clothing is a reflection of the streets and our style mirrors that lifestyle.

We welcome everyone from all different walks of life, from the hippies all the way to politicians. 420•LTD™ is ‘All Races, All Backgrounds, All Strains, ONE BRAND.’

Is 420•LTD™ Apparel only for people who blaze?
No, 420•LTD™ is not just for bud smokers; it’s for anyone who appreciates cool clothing and supports the rights of people who want to blaze up for medical or recreational purposes. We here at 420•LTD™ Apparel believe that ‘You Don’t Have to Smoke To Look Dope!’

What separates you from other clothing companies?
Most of the major established clothing lines have some suggestive marijuana clothing, but don’t specialize in that niche. We just happen to be a street wear clothing brand whose niche is the 420 lifestyle. Our Californication line focuses on the 420 lifestyle and hustle. Our 1/8ths line or collective, as we like to call it, are designs of the different cannabis strains and for people to ‘Represent Your Strain’. Most marijuana clothing companies tend to be more in your face, cliché, innovative, and comical in their design themes. They like to take the 420 themes and play into the typical stoner stereotype, thus limiting themselves to only the hardcore bud smoker. We like to subtly represent the lifestyle with clean, slick and fresh designs that anyone from a ‘budhead’ to a novice would be proud to rock the brand.

Most other competitors’ shirts are made with that ‘cardboard’ cotton feel and tend to be worn oversized. Our shirts are made with 100% super soft, ring spun cotton to give it more of a fitted feel. We believe the extra comfort, attention to detail, and our designs are what separate us from everyone else out there. 420•LTD™ is always ‘Freshly Trimmed & Cured’.

What challenges have you come across with starting this brand?
Besides the usual challenges of promoting, marketing, and finding capital to fund a start up, it has been challenging for people to take us seriously or accept us as a brand when our logo is a marijuana leaf, even if it’s toned down with clean lines. We had stores automatically shoot us down without even looking at our designs because they didn’t want to be associated with that. There have also been times when it has been difficult to find models who want to do work for our company. They feel like it might hurt their modeling career because they support 420.

What is a common misconception that you wish people would understand about what your company represents?
We are a clothing brand first and foremost, not just a cannabis branded company only. Our goal is not to advocate marijuana smoking, but to bring tolerance, awareness, and understanding to the people who do smoke cannabis.

What’s in store for 2012 and beyond?
We just finished working with Jeff Murillo, an amazing photographer (, on our 2012 lifestyle lookbook photo campaign. It’s a kick-ass photo marketing campaign that will help define us as a company, instead of letting other people define us. This lookbook will showcase the California lifestyle we are trying to capture. It will serve as a recruitment tool, an online catalog for stores, and give insight about our target market as to what our company is all about.

Our primary colors will also change from green and black to purple and grey! Our new color scheme will be prominent in our 2012 lineup. We currently just carry t-shirts, but we plan on adding hoodies, sweaters, a women’s Mary Jane line, and ball caps to our 2012 lineup. In the summer, we plan to release the highly anticipated 1/8ths line!

Where can we get more info about 420•LTD™?
You can become a fan, purchase apparel, and find out more info about us at and, of course, on our website at


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