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To advertise with NUG Magazine in print or online,  please contact us at :
for information on monthly or yearly pricing/rates.


Web Ad Specs:

Top Banner: 728 x 90
Side Bar 1: 383 x 96
Side Bar 2: 250 x 250
Footer Banner: 970 x 90
Side Bar Links: 20 Characters max length


Print Ad Specs:

FULL PAGE 8.125W X 10H (LIVE AREA 7.75 X 9.25)
7.375W X 4.625H
1/4 PAGE
3.687W X 4.625H
1/8 PAGE
3.687W X 2.303H
16.25W X 10H (LIVE AREA 15.475 X 9.25)

For Advertisers:

click here to download a PSD template of our AD specs
click here for the JPG version

Click HERE to Download our media kit
(PDF Version)

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