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Electric Cajun Alfredo & 420 B.C. Short Cookies

Written by Kim Twolan, Mother Earth Co-op & Collective, San Diego 92103

The use of cannabis has been proven to be medically beneficial to treat specific conditions such as anxiety, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, aging, arthritis, cancer, depression, eating disorders, gastro-intestinal disorders, glaucoma, menstrual disorders, movement disorders, and chronic pain only to name a few.

The methods described in last month’s article detailed the preparation of the cannabutter or cannaoil.  Cannabutter/oils are the necessary ingredient and key to the majority of edibles with cannabis.  We must stress the techniques described in preparing the edibles are optimized for medical use with purity and potency in mind.  Medical grade cannabis is always high grade, organic and clean.  Ingesting cannabis or its active ingredient THC, is unlike smoking and it has different effects.  The total high from the consumption of cannabis edibles takes about an hour, even on an empty stomach and should last several hours.  An overdose is basically unheard of in recorded history.

It is imperative to know that there are several strains of cannabis in existence.  Each strain has a different effect and can be used for certain ailments better than other strains.  In the end, the quality of the final product will largely be determined by the strain, purity and potency of the cannabis from which the mixture is prepared with.

As a general statement the Indica dominant strains are best for relief from cramping, pain, and muscle spasms and known more for the body high.  Sativa dominant strains are known for pain relief, migraines and depression.

The effects of a sativa strain is often described as mostly cerebral, uplifting, energetic, creative, giggly or even psychedelic. Sativas give the patient a feeling of optimism and well being, while providing pain relief for certain symptoms. Sativas are a good choice for daytime. Most sativas generally originate from equatorial regions such as Thailand, Cambodia, Jamaica, and Mexico.
The effects of an indica strain are most often portrayed as a pleasant body buzz. Indica is generally classified as a ‘stone’, meaning that it is more centered on the body. It may enhance physical sensations such as taste, touch and sound. It has a relaxing effect, mentally and physically.  They are also known to be hypnotic in larger doses. Indicas are great for relaxation, stress relief, and for an overall sense of calm and serenity. Indicas are very effective for overall body pain relief, and often used in the treatment of insomnia. They are best suited for evening choice and a sleep aid. Most indica varieties come from Southern Asia, from countries such as Afghanistan, Lebanon, Pakistan, India, Tibet, and Nepal.
Cannabis strains are available in the entire spectrum from pure sativas to pure indicas, and in every combination in between. Meaning there are some strains that are a certain percentage sativa and a certain percentage indica strains.

We would like to stress the importance of choosing suitable strains to meet your individual requirements. There is much research in identify particular varieties that are helpful for sleep, pain, appetite, and energy; as well as for precise conditions.  For example if you are looking for something to assist with sleeping an indica dominant strain would be recommended and if looking for relief from depression a sativa dominant strain would be suggested. The reality, though, is often that the strain is unknown or not well characterized.

This increases the importance of educated medical co-ops, collectives and dispensaries to assist patients in their selections.  There are reference books available that describe the origination of the strains and the medical uses they have.  However trial and error is usually required to acquire the appropriate strain and effect of the proper dose level.  We advocate journaling strains and effects for your individual medications that can be used as a reference of what strains affect you in which way.

Cannabis potency fluctuates with different strains. For medicinal use in particular the idea is to smoke less in order to reduce respiratory irritations from excessive inhalation. Patients are greatly encouraged to use vaporizers, or consume edible cannabis medicine to which will decrease potential risks from smoking. Patients require less high potency cannabis to reach desired effects. Any patients who find the need to use increasingly larger doses to achieve desired medical results ought to consider reducing, or stop for 3 days and then resume.  We suggest trying a different strain or switch up the variety of cannabis that is normally used. This assists patients go back to a decreased dosage.

The ancient native and medicinal use of cannabis is being rediscovered yet again for medical purposes and has spurred innovation with a wide range in cannabis products.  We intend to demonstrate and share some of the ways of medicating without smoking in each of these articles.

The following recipes are taken from Mother Earth Co-op’s cannabis cookbook.

420 B.C. Short Cookies

1 1/2     cups     canna butter
2     cups     flour
1     cup     icing sugar
1     cup     cornstarch
Pinch of sea salt

Mix all ingredients very well together for several minutes.  This is usually too thick for electric mixer, but works well with a pastry cutter to blend together.  Form cookie in a 1 inch ball and press down the centre with a fork.  Decorate with cherry pieces, almonds, chocolates or make small nest on top and place jelly or raspberry jam in centre.  Pre heat oven to 300 degrees and bake for 18 to 20 minutes on ungreased cookie sheets. Makes about 55 special cookies.

8     oz         cream cheese
3/4     cup         parmesan cheese
1/2     cup         cannabutter
1/2     cup         milk
1     tsp         Cajun Classic seasoning 
1     tsp         sugar
4     cloves     garlic (chopped)
1    cup        yellow peppers (chopped)
1    cup        mushrooms (sliced)
½    cup        tomatoes (chopped)
1    pkg        fettuccine noodles
Blend cheeses, cannabutter, milk, sugar, seasoning together and cook on medium low heat.  Chop 1 cup yellow or orange pepper, mushrooms and tomatoes.  Pour sauce over cooked fettuccine noodles. Top with peppers and tomatoes

Wishing you a happy journey to a healthier you
Peace & Love


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