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By: Sandieganliz

On December 1st, I checked out Hazmatt, which is a local band with members mostly coming out of North County, San Diego, and one member from Hawaii.
I met Trace, the drummer, who told me the band plays reggae/rock/ska. Boy, do they play that style! Obviously influenced by the original Sublime band, they played Sublime’s “89 Vision” to lyrics they created, as well as the song “Youth Are Getting Restless”, which they did a great job on.

Hazmatt is a very good dub band. With a horn player, guitarist/singer, bass player, drummer, and an extra percussionist packed tightly at the Encinitas Daley Double Cocktail Lounge, they mix their instrumentals with easy-going singing. Songs were good, but heavily covered older reggae/rock songs, especially that of Sublime. When I brought this up to the bass player, he told me those songs are fun to play; no kidding – they looked like they were having fun and grooved the small-venue crowd. I enjoyed myself; however, I would appreciate more original work from them. I feel they have the potential…and the positive vibes!


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