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High Tide

Article featured by Daniel Archuleta

San Diego, California. Popular for its pristine weather, beautiful scenery, and perfect surf breaks, this town became the stomping grounds for eight local musicians who got together to share their souls, and to collaborate their influence of Dub, Rock, Ska & Reggae. On and off the stage the band not only remains committed to the music, but continues to be a cohesive family of brothers. Now known as one of Southern California’s most electrifying bands, High Tide has been expanding on its original style & eclectic sound since 2003. The band has toured throughout the entire Southwestern US, establishing their mark in several locales including Arizona, the bay area, and Orange County.

High Tide spent most of 2006 and 2007 in the recording studio laying down tracks that would end up coming out on two separate cds. The 5 song Acoustic EP “Not For Profit” was released in the summer ’06 as a demo. The bulk of their hard work, however, was put toward a full length 17 track album titled “Play Me Reggae”. Both albums have sold copies around the world including Japan, and Europe. All of High Tide’s music is also available on iTunes.

Brandishing a confident live performance, High Tide has become known for winning local battles of the bands. In 2007 they had an opportunity to open the famous UCSD Sungod Festival after winning an on-campus battle. This summer, aided by the dancehall stylings of frequent guest vocalist, Baby Mouse, High Tide became finalists in both the Del Mar Fair Battle of the Bands and the San Diego Vans Warped Tour Battle of the Bands. They finished in the top three on July 4th at Del Mar and emerged victorious in the latter, which granted them a chance to headline the Ernie Ball Stage at the San Diego stop during the Vans Warped Tour 2008.

High Tide has accomplished a great deal of success in 2008. They kicked off the year with their debut on San Diego radio. Rock stations, 94/9 and 91x began to feature High Tide regularly on their local shows, with tracks and interviews. The band has had multiple songs from both their acoustic EP “Not For Profit” and full length album “Play me Reggae”, broadcast throughout San Diego County. They also recently recorded and released their debut music video for the popular album song, “So Slow”.

Looking forward to another acoustic release in 2009 and a subsequent follow-up album, High Tide has begun to write and perform new songs to crowds throughout the region. These guys truly display the love that they share for each other through music, in a way that mimics the deepest experiences known in this miracle we have come to know as –life.

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