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How’d The Show Go? Echo Movement

By: SD Liz

Echo Movement, a band from New Jersey, stopped by San Diego, California recently to play with local band Ease Up at Winston’s Beach Club in Ocean Beach. The seven guys played some East Coast reggae/rock music which got the crowd dancing and later, jumping! The band had really noticeable bass guitar, and vocals that spoke of real stuff. I noticed a twang in bits of their rock, as well as some soul and funk in their reggae. Songs included, “Daydream,” “One Shot,” and “Soul Searching Dry.” They also covered John Lennon’s “Imagine” while playing Sublime’s “Santeria.” When they played their song, “I Think God Smokes Weed” most of the guys in the club jumped and cheered, and sang along to the well-played, catchy song. The band ended their set with “Keep Your Head High.” Nice job, fellas!


Author: Steve

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