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An Orange County nutraceutical firm, C3 PATIENTS ASSOCIATION, has several U.S. patents pending on a dietary supplement comprised of whole-extracted cannabis, in a pill. Being touted as “Quality of Life, In a Pill”, IDRASIL is currently available in California with a valid doctor’s recommendation. Manufactured in a laboratory with a 1:1:1 ratio of all natural CBD, CBN and THC, IDRASIL is a discreet, odorless pill for patients seeking a non-smoking option for  cannabinoid therapy, which is good for a variety of ailments,  such as pain management, cancer symptoms, MS, Parkinson’s, hospice and palliative care, sleep disorders, anxiety and depression, and as an aid in easing dependency and withdrawal symptoms. For pain patients who have not yet been introduced to opiates, IDRASIL is an excellent “first step” to pain abatement, because alternative cannabinoid use diminishes the possibility of an opioid overdose, which is an important concern for all caregivers and their liable parties. With the constant possibility of overdosing on opioids, caregivers will be able to supplement cannabinoids in their patients’ daily regimen and gradually reduce opioid use by up to 50%. This is great for new patients who are not opioid dependent because they now have the choice to live addiction-free with zero opioid dependency and enjoy effective pain management with a cannabinoid-based regimen. IDRASIL provides all of the medicinal benefits of cannabis without the risks of smoking or the unpredictable dosages of edible confections, and it improves the patient and their family’s quality of life by not causing depression, lack of appetite, incoherence or constipation. IDRASIL eliminates the negative social stigmas and replaces them with an all-natural nutraceutical that looks like any other pill.

With over 2 million doctors’ recommendations currently in California for medical cannabis, there are at least double that number of patients who would consider a cannabinoid regimen if it was available in a consistent, standardized, sterile form that is easy to use with a recommended milligram dose. But because Marinol and Dronabinol are the only drugs available to the medical community, and patients report their inefficiencies, patients who want cannabis are forced to the only existing option, the California dispensary marketplace. IDRASIL is an excellent option for patients who want to bill their insurance for their medication, do not want the calories or smoke, and those who just do not want to venture into a dispensary. IDRASIL is less expensive than Marinol yet still commands a premium because it is laboratory produced and done under an incongruous legal climate. For more information about IDRASIL, please visit, ask for Patient Service.


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