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January 2011 Product Reviews

Tokin’ Tops

This is a fairly new company, less than a year old. But this is what it is all about, an entrepreneur that decided to start her own business and leave the “day job” life. Tokin’ Tara is a cool chick, she draws all of the designs by hand and then transfers them to shirts. These shirts are less “loud” than some of the other cannabis themed T-Shirts out there. Each shirt is only $14.20 and EVERY order comes with a free 3” metal pipe! They also come rolled up like a joint! All orders of 5 or more shirts come with a glass water pipe! Tara wanted me to give the NUG readers this bonus: For readers who place an online order now until 4/20/2011, using NUG in their name line, will receive a FREE bubbler, bandana, blunt wrap, OR bee line. There is a limited amount of each to give away, so order now! To all the dispensaries and head shops, you will receive a special 5% discount off wholesale orders if you mention NUG.

Formula 420 Soak-N-Rinse

Our friends over at Formula 420 sent us a bunch of their different cleaning products so I gave the Soak-N-Rinse a true test! I had a hand pipe that I’ve had for 5 years with no cleaning, gross, I know, but it is what it is. This thing was filthy! So I filled up the glass jar that came with the Soak-N-Rinse formula and plopped in my pipe. I gave it a full 24 hours to soak. The next day, when I checked it, the clear liquid was completely black. I fished out my pipe, ran it under the sink and everything rinsed away! The pipe came clean like it was brand new! This stuff is AMAZING! Get yourself some at:

Green Reefer Products

Our boy J. Boulet, creator of the Green Reefer Comic that is in NUG every month, sent us a dope package of some of the products he offers on his website. He has some really cool shirts including the “God’s Plant”, which I really love, as well as some Green Reefer T-Shirts. He also sent us a few copies of The Green Reefer Kick Ass Comic Book Special #1. A great start to the adventures of The Green Reefer and his sidekick Six Pack! You should check out his website and read some strips online and order some schwag!


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