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Mike Pinto

By: Sandieganliz

I checked out The Mike Pinto Show at the House of Blues on December 4th, and it was great! It was an all-ages show with four other bands, which included HI Roots, High Tide, Stranger, and The B Foundation. –What a great collaboration!

I missed the opening band, HI Roots, who started at 7pm. I was looking forward to seeing them after I heard some of their stuff online. Unfortunately, there was back-to-back traffic on the 163 South, and Fourth Avenue was a mess.

I’m familiar with members of High Tide and Stranger. High Tide introduced two new songs, including “Eye for an Eye” and “Satisfied”. They played a song released earlier this year called “Drive Me Wild”, and their old school song “Round the Dub” set a great reggae tone. Stranger opened for Mike Pinto and did an outstanding job of getting members of all the bands together for their cover of the Beatles’ “Come Together”. They rocked that song and helped pump up the crowd for Mike Pinto’s appearance. Stranger also introduced new songs and played “The Only One”, which is a favorite of mine!

The B Foundation is a lively “reggae/rock/ska” band, which is how Jason, the bass man, describes them.  They complement Mike Pinto really well. Their style is similar to his, and both Mike Pinto and The B Foundation included enough rock to start mosh pits. Both are great rock/ska bands with reggae style.

Speaking of which, Mike Pinto “killed it” that night! I heard Mike Pinto once before in Oceanside, and I’ve heard his album. That was four years ago and I was moderately impressed, with my favorite song being “Backburner”. Mike Pinto has stepped it up! Horns were included in the beginning and ending of his appearance, which made it unique in tuning the audience in and out – good call! Anyone who enjoys rock and ska genres with a bit of reggae style would enjoy Mike Pinto. He really works his electric guitar play and his switches – nice work, Mike Pinto Band!

The cost for the show was around $20 for five reggae/rock/ska bands. I can’t state how HI Roots performed because I missed them, but The B Foundation and Mike Pinto alone were worth it. High Tide and Stranger are great California-style reggae bands; I wish they would collaborate more together because their styles are similar and complement one another. But, if you’re more for the rock and ska with reggae style, definitely check out The B Foundation and Mike Pinto. I’m definitely going to ask for more!


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