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Miley Cyrus – A ‘Hit’ for the Charts

by Zach Smith
Photo by TMZ

Disney Channel superstar Miley Cyrus was caught on video taking a hit from a bong on her 18th birthday. Some people say it was marijuana while others claim it was salvia, but weather it was pot or not, this video has brought up a couple of debatable questions: Should Americans make salvia illegal too?…and…Did her infamous bong hit burn up her career?

As a cannabist, I believe this predicament could help her reach a new audience.  The cannabis community most likely wouldn’t pay attention to the once child pop star’s music and shows because of her celebrated Disney image, but now, some would say she’s on her way to being on the next Celebrity Rehab with Lindsay Lohan. I think Miley could really help in making a change toward the legalization of marijuana if she was informed of the truth on cannabis and all the people it could help medically and economically.

She’s just a normal teenager who wanted to experiment like any other curious 18-year-old with $20. I think it would be a brilliant move for her to “Just Say Now!” and get  into contact with SSDP or NORML if she is serious about not wanting to be labeled as Hannah Montana for the rest of her life.  Most of the media is looking at the bong hit as a sad moment in her career, which is similar to what Bill Clinton and Michael Phelps endured. This incident should be opening people’s eyes to the fact that a drug free America is more of a pipe dream than anything that Tommy Chong could ever come up with.  However, why is it a disgrace when a Disney actress hits a bong because she’s a role model, but the president can say he’s done it and still be elected? –That’s the real sadness that Billy Ray should be tweeting about. Because she broke the unwritten rule of letting someone record her hitting a bong, she’s now being compared to Paris Hilton and Lindsey Lohan as another drugged out celebrity. A good way for Miley to separate herself from all the other celebrities who seem to need rehab (or go to jail) is to embrace the currently popular issue of legalizing marijuana.

We are adapting to a new and better world more and more every day. I believe that this is a perfect opportunity for marijuana and Miley to change their images. –Miley loses the kid show image by fighting for a justifiable cause and marijuana demonstrates its harmless effects on the girl who played Hanna Montana. I promise I’m not a crazy Hannah Montana fan, but I do think it’s time for change in America’s drug policies. If Miley Cyrus has to be the one to voice an honest opinion on the subject of marijuana to get people to listen to the facts and change marijuana laws, then I think I could proudly admit to being a Miley Cyrus fan. Miley Cyrus could be the shocking voice of reason if she takes all those Disney Channel lessons on life and puts them to use as an adult, or she could do a national apology like other celebrities and be forgiven because most people will realize they’ve done the same thing around that age.  I consider Miley Cyrus to be the product of an affluent counterculture – FREEDOM.


Author: Steve

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