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By: Medicinal Michael Boris

Ho! Ho! Ho! Medicinal Mike here, commenting on another month of living the NugLife. Merry Chriskwanzakkah, everybody!  We are so blessed to be a part of the NUG family. The NugLife Radio Show is celebrating its one year anniversary and, looking back, it has been the best year ever.  New Year’s Eve is also on the horizon, a time for reflecting on the actions we put into this world.

While I was sitting on the beach in my favorite writing spot and smoking on some beautiful Tokyo OG (seriously strong), I was thinking, “There’s been a lot of ruckus lately in the MMJ community.” I’ve seen a lot of anger in patients over the government’s shady involvement with trying to repress medical marijuana, and I think that it’s very important that we all remember, regardless of all the frustrations that we deal with in life, that life is about experiences. These great experiences, good or bad, are what we will take with us through time, so always remember to keep fun in your life and take a minute to appreciate everything you have.  Don’t forget the NugLife Crew is there to help you find the fun.

This month’s good times started with legendary seven-year veteran, San Diego comedian Zoltan Kaszas; who was pleased as a punch to pose for his NUG Photo. Zoltan headlines regularly all over San Diego, especially at the Comedy Palace. Zoltan came into the NugLife studio with nothing but good intentions and left with red eyes and a smile after we dove into the psyche of a comedian. Zoltan explained how hard it was for him to overcome the stereotypes of being named Zoltan. If you’re ever looking for a night of pant-wetting laughter, find this guy and bring a change of shorts.

I’d like to give a big shout-out to the Alpine Care Collective for winning the Halloweed Cup with a stellar strain of Purple Kush that overtook the best of the best. I smoked this strain and it had the most expansion of any strain of Purple Kush that I’ve ever hit. If you were there, you know what I mean. I was impressed with all of the strains and proud to be a part of the San Diego grow scene.

If you’re in San Diego and are into things that sound like rockstar tribal angels, check out Odyssey9. They are a San Diego rat pack who are about to blow up! I was so stoked to have them in the studio playing live. They have a hypno-chant sound that really takes over the mind. Lead singer William Wolf spends his days helping the MMJ community get their meds and his nights crooning to the ladies. Wolf truly lives the NugLife and we love him for it.

We’d also like to thank everyone who came out to downtown to support your rights as an MMJ patient. You know the NUG family was all over it. Thanks Hopper, Jonesy, and Eugene.

When you go into your local co-op, don’t forget to drop off a few cans for the homeless this season, and remember to check out NugLife on

Medicinal Mike says: If “everyone” around you is a pain in the ass, it’s probably just you.


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