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Shinobi Ninja’s Rockin’ Summer Update!

Shinobi Ninja rocked 311’s Pow Wow Festival recently, which was incredible as they played with some of their favorite acts including G. Love and Special Sauce & 311. Shinobi’s official video for “Rock Hood” will be airing on this Monday, and the track will also be appearing in the new video game NBA 2K12 debuting in October. Shinobi Ninja’s album “Rock Hood” has been featured on the “What’s Hot” section of iTune’s Alternative Store. They have also just released a new mixtape “The Chronicles of Hashy Larry.”

P.S. If you don’t already know about Shinobi Ninja (they are one of NUG’s faves) Check them out now!

The Chronicles of Hashy Larry Mixtape:
Lil Bub B-Sides EP


Author: Steve

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