2nd Annual San Diego Medical Cup Coverage

Article By: Ben G. Rowin
Photos By: Jennifer Martinez

Ponyboy of Los Marijuanos

On Sunday, November 14th, we were among the many in attendance at the 2nd Annual SD Medical Cup. During the set by The Green Brothers, Claude Nine asked the crowd how they were feeling tonight and someone yelled out “FREE!” That statement struck my core; that’s exactly how I was feeling that night. It was an amazing evening with live performances, raffles, celebrity strain judging, and finally some FREEDOM! Guests in attendance were all qualified patients 21years of age and older, so the venue was gracious enough to allow consumption on site. Smoke corrupted the air to a capacity I had not seen in quite a while. The collectives competing in the cup were Cloud 9, The Green Lantern, California’s Best Meds, California’s Finest, The Kind Co-Op, The Beach and Fresh Selection.

California’s Best Meds, The Beach, and California’s Finest were the collectives that also had booths, and they were having a great time talking to patients! Our friends at 420 Football had a booth, but also parked a Party Bus outside the venue where patients could take a stab at playing 420 Football. There was a hash bar in the back with some of the greatest concentrate pipes I have ever seen…check out my product review for more info.


The kitchen and bar were open during the event to remedy the cravings and cottonmouths of medicating patients. I got happy when I noticed less people were drinking than at a non-cannabis event. Nothing irritates me more than a belligerent drunk ruining my good time! The crowd was mellow to say the least! But people were excited to see the bands and get together with other patients to have a good time without the fear of being arrested or judged by non-patients.

DJ Unite from Tribe of Kings kept the beats going all night and the celebrities came out in full force to support the event and chill with the patients. All were accessible to patients who wanted to take a photo or just  to shake hands with them. B-Real from Cypress Hill came out and made sure to stop by the NUG Magazine booth to say what up. The infamous Meen Green and the Swisher Streets Crew were on site to hang and perform. They never miss a chance to come out and support the cannabis community. The first performance of the night was Ditch, who tore up the stage and got the crowd warmed up, and he was followed up by The Green Brothers who were super tight!

Pakelika & The Chronisseur

Eventually, the event took a small break from the music to allow the Celebrity Judging to take place. A long table and some chairs were set up on the stage and the guys rolled in to roll up the strains that were submitted for the event. In the first chair was Pakelika from the KottonMouth Kings. Next to him was our very own Chronisseur, Hopper from The Green Door, then “Kandy Man”, who is the creator of the strain Kings Kandy and the past winner of the Doesha Cup. Meen Green was in the next seat, sitting next to Brett Bouge, 7 time High Times Cannabis Cup winner! And last but not least was Pony Boy from Los Marijuanos, who not only judged, but did double duty as MC. I can’t just slide by this though…I have to take some space to tell the NUG readers about Pony Boy! He KILLED it as MC! If I throw an event, Pony is on the ticket FOR SURE! This guy is charismatic, funny, and held the audiences attention while all the strains were tested. Great Job Pony!

After some deliberation, the winners of the evening were announced:

3rd place went to Fresh Selection for their “Super Lemon Haze”

2nd place went to The Green Lantern for their “OG Skywalker”

And the winner of the 2010 SD Medical Cup was
The Beach Collective with their “Michael Phelps”

After the winners were announced, some members from The Beach joined the judges on stage to roast what had to be the fattest joint I have ever seen!

Performances started back up with RD and Venus performing together for the first time. I have to say it was one of my favorites for the night, and to my dear friend Venus, “You are the Shizzle! Keep singing girl!” They were followed up by Swisher Streets, and then SL500 of Wax Click took the stage. Los Marijuanos did a set and then the night was closed out with a performance by Yukmouth! All in all, this was one of the best events I have been to in 2010, and we were proud to be a part of it. Other people agreed and the emails started pouring in the next day, here are a few:

The Kind Cookery says, “GREAT SHOW!” thanks for having us!

B-Real of Cypress Hill said, “Thanks to strain #4, I enjoyed myself”

Yukmouth said, “I definitely want to keep working with you on any smoke events!” “Count on us, Please!”

DJ Unite from Tribe of Kings only had two words, “Phenomenal” & “Legendary”

Rollie from Pure Hemp rolling papers said, “Call us for all your events!”

My advice is DON’T sleep on this event next year!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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