4th Annual Dia de la Mujer Celebration

How’d The Show Go?
By: sandieganliz

On March 3, 2011, Casa Familiar’s The Front celebrated their 4th Annual Dia de la Mujer celebration, featuring an art exhibit, poetry reading, and live music. Such artists like Gloria Muriel, Kristy Sandoval, and Regina Herod displayed their art that emphasized the celebration of women. In fact, the title of the exhibit was “Celebrating Womanhood”.

The night began at 6 p.m. and lasted through the night with a crowd of young and old. Beer and wine were available along with fresh T.J. tacos from a taquero located outside.

The art was incredible and really showcased the theme of womanhood. My favorites were called “Higher Knowledge and the Global Order” by Regina Herod, which was an encaustic piece set on a wood panel; “Aurora’s Mystery” by Gloria Muriel, which won 2nd place in a juried selection held by The Front; and “La Inspiracion Del Artista” by Yolanda Romero. The last one listed is an oil based painting of an artist painting his sleeping wife as a mermaid with other details suggesting Old World fixation.

The poetry was a nice touch and was read by Olga Echeverria. She was able to get most of the crowd to listen, and she also opened the night for the live music, which took place right after. Los Hollywood started the night and was followed by FARO and Fernanda Ulibarri. The music was sultry and went well with the scene.

Other displays included jewelry made by Brown Sugar Creations and Chula Maiz. Indigenous Wear was in the house displaying some shirts and hoodies, and DJ Ana Brown kept the vibe going all night long.

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