By: Tiffany Janay

My adventurous spirit and tendency to constantly push myself toward new experiences is what led me to walk blindly into an acupuncture treatment. When I would tell people I was going, they would immediately ask me, “Are you nervous?”  I would just tell them, “No, should I be?”  The thought of someone sticking a bunch of needles into one’s body puts one’s nerves on edge I guess.

Walking up to the Jara Acupuncture office was serene in itself.  The office is located in a woodsy complex off Camino Del Rio South and is surrounded by running waterfalls that calm the spirit: the perfect setting for those that are a bit nervous to go and get their treatment done. I was unaware of the purposes of acupuncture or how beneficial it could be, but I am simply intrigued by pain, which was my motivation for seeking acupuncture.

After an explanation from Denise Jara, I developed a greater understanding of this ancient Chinese medicine. People utilize this practice to help heal themselves from physical pain, emotional problems, and to promote good health. My particular treatment was for overall health and balance. The concept is to place needles at certain meridian points on the body to help the energy flow more efficiently, which promotes a higher level of health and wellness.  The meridian is the channel in which energy flows throughout the body, and each point is connected to an organ.  This energy is referred to as chi or qi. It is said that problems like disharmony or disease occur from stagnant or blocked energy. If the energy flow becomes blocked, then the result is pain because everything in our bodies is constantly in motion. To correct any blocked energy, flow needles or pressures are placed at specific acupoints along the meridian to stimulate flow.

Acupuncture harmonizes the body by helping the energy properly flow throughout it. The first needle she put in my body was on my kidney meridian.  The kidney is considered to be one of the essential parts of the body, so if your kidney is in good shape then your body should be too.  The next needle was for my liver, which is the cleanser, so it is important to keep it in healthy condition. After she placed the needles in my back, she went and got some moxa.  She told me she was going to place it around key meridians to help with the whole treatment. Moxa is an herb that is compacted together, which can be lit and placed around the needles directly on the skin.  It calls the blood and chi energy to the needles, and helps to induce a smoother flow.  The moxa was warm and it helped me to sink into a deeper relaxation.

Out of all the different places where she put the needles, I had my favorite spot and she had hers. My favorite one was placed on my third eye, which is directly between the eyes. I could feel the needle vibrating from the circulation.  I could hardly feel most of the needles, but this one stood out.  The third eye is a great point for igniting intuitive thoughts, peering into one’s inner self, and seeing life from a more spiritual approach rather than just a physical one.  Her favorite point was the life gate point, and it was one of the key points where she applied the moxa.  The life gate point is special because it is the first point where we start to develop inside the womb; it’s a strengthening point.
She applied a few needles in my right ear. The ear points are the most powerful points in our body because you can treat the whole body through the ear.  If you look at the ear, you will notice that it is shaped like an upside down fetus. There are points for relaxing nerves, treating the kidneys, promoting balance, calming the spirit, clarifying the brain, and encouraging clear thinking.  Also, the points in the ear are used to treat major addiction.

This practice of medicine is considered to be a preventative approach.  In the holistic idea of medicine, prevention is essential, especially with acupuncture.  We should take a holistic approach to life by being conscious of what we’re eating, how we’re using our energy, and by sending positive vibes to others.  A diet and the kind of food one eats are very important. Drinking a cup of coffee will take a person’s body four hours to detoxify because of the 800+ toxins it can contain. The ingredients in foods and drinks such as diet soda, french fries, and chips are addictive, making you want more and more.  Denise recommends we get back to the basics and eat plenty of vegetables, fruits, and good proteins to help balance our bodies.

It takes about 4-8 treatments (depending how long you have had the condition) to treat a specific condition.  She mostly treats pain.  Her weight loss patients are doing great from their use of acupuncture combined with diet and exercise.  Acupuncture helps with weight loss because it detoxifies the body of  built-up toxins.  It makes one feel healthier and raises one’s vibration level. When people feel healthy, they naturally want to eat healthy.  It is a whole synergetic process.  She often treats pregnant women, so she is familiar with maternal energy and how to use acupuncture to assist the birthing process.  For instance, there are points to turn the baby or lower the pelvic floor, which helps to relax the mother.

The experience elevated my energy level and made me feel at ease.  It is a nice feeling to go out of my way to take care of myself.  At the end of our session, she did a cleansing where she levitated her hands over my body in an upward sweeping motion, so as to throw the energy out the window.  With my energy gone from the room, it was then purified for the next patient: a great way to end a beginning.

When you are ready to give acupuncture a try, visit Jara Acupuncture at 2835 Camino Del Rio South, suite 120A. If you want to view what an acupuncture treatment is like firsthand before going, check out my session by visiting or

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