Agua Dulce and The Roots Factory

By Sandieganliz

The Roots Factory, which is based in San Diego, celebrated their first year anniversary at Soundwave in Mission Beach on January 29th. The bands included Cumbia Machin and Agua Dulce, and artwork showcased by The Roots Factory, a self-described “grassroots” organization that specializes in screen-printing.

Cumbia Machin started the night.  Known for their fusion of electronic dub & traditional Latin rhythms, they utilize a set of congas, a zendrum, and a small drum kit. And even though this Latin band doesn’t incorporate any vocals, their rhythms were outstanding! In fact, I would describe the music as psychedelic-Latin rhythm.

Agua Dulce closed the night and attracted some avid Latin dancers. They definitely brought out the Latin flavor. Their sound is similar to Santana, but is more acoustic-sounding. I definitely liked the worldliness vibes portrayed in their music, and their song “Juana” was catchy and great!

The Roots Factory displayed artwork from such upcoming and established artists as Maxx Moses, Ricardo Islas, and Brandon Roth. If you’re interested in checking out some artwork or upcoming events, visit their website at

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