April 2011 Product Reviews

We met Beau, the owner of The Maui Wowie Bootube, at the CHAMPS show. He was showing off the durability of the product by asking reps at the booths with glass “can your pipes do this?” and dropping the Bootube on the hard floor! I thought it was great and decided to spend some time with Beau and ask him about his product. The Bootubes are handcrafted out of beautiful Maui grown black bamboo, a completely sustainable resource that makes them 100% organic. The rare black bamboo is naturally resistant to mold, mildew, cracking and water damage. Each tube is a work of art and no two are exactly the same! They use Maui harvested, organic beeswax to seal the bottoms of the tubes and will never use any toxic or GMO materials in their production. Even the glass they use for downstems and bowls are all Maui based companies that use local, organic, sustainable materials whenever possible. The company motto “Burn Green” is not just the business motto, but a way of life for Beau and the Bootube family! Working with Organic Wick, an all natural beeswax hemp wick, and NRG Solarbowls, a leather bound magnifying glass, you can fix your head without ANY negative impact on the earth! Everyone has a desire to make choices that have a positive effect on the environment, and Bootube allows us the opportunity to choose a smoking device made with much respect for our Mother Earth! Mahalo Nui Loa Beau! For more information or to order, go to: themauiwowie.com

Lighter Mate
Billed as the Most Functional Lighter in the World, Lighter Mate was also at CHAMPS. The thing I liked most about this company besides the product is the history. Invented by a couple college guys that are taking the product to the next level, it’s a simple magnetic lighter that comes with a pack plate that slips into the cellophane on your cigarette pack; the lighter then magnetizes to the plate and stays put! They have ANY color combo you can imagine and a whole line of products to accompany the Lighter Mate, including a strap for your waterpipe, grinders, keychain attachments and more! Mine is on my fridge, so any time I need my Lighter Mate, I know exactly where it is! Check them out at: lightermate.com

Stones Diffusion
Diffusion has become quite popular over the last few years. It basically breaks down the large bubbles of your bong into scores of smaller ones, which allows the smoke to cool even further. Stones Diffusion is a company making recycled glass stones that work with any waterpipe! Available in different colors and package sizes, these stones work great! Most of my pipes have a glass diffuser at the bottom, but for the one that doesn’t, I threw in some of these stones and was surprised at how well they worked! Check them out online at: stonesdiffusion.com

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