March 21 – April 19
Lucky Numbers 8, 19, 28, 38, 45, 56

We lost an hour, but gained our planting season. Spring has sprung! Everywhere you look, the little flowers of change show themselves as the days get longer, the soil gets warmer, and we get ready to move our grows outside. If you’ve been reading this column, you know that the signs of the zodiac and the changing of seasons come hand in hand. The zodiac signs begin with Aries, just as the seasons begin with spring. As long as man can remember, the Earth begins to give back in so many wonderful ways, like fruits and vegetables for a healthier body and, of course, our favorite little green herbs and edibles that heal while they stimulate our mind, body and soul.

The Aries Female
The high energy Aries female is like a firecracker on the Fourth of July. Highly enthusiastic and extroverted, the Aries female is the kind of person that others gravitate towards. She is passionate and honest with a do-it-yourself attitude. Success is extremely important to the Aries female. She is the most natural of super achievers. The Aries female is uncomplicated and works very hard for what she values, whether it’s a job, success or a relationship. She likes people who are direct and get to the point quickly. She is attracted to those who are successful and have the same drive as her, someone who will go along with her assertiveness. It’s time to worry when an Aries woman is too quiet. She is naturally competitive and enjoys the spark in a relationship. She likes her meds strong, dank and sticky. After a few bowls to calm her down, she likes to kick off her shoes and really get into it; the Aries woman likes to party.

The Aries Male
If you want to get something done, you ask an Aries male to do it. This fire sign will do it with precision and lightning speed. There is no end to his tireless energy. He is always thinking and moving. Give him a new project, something he has never tried, and he will figure it out. His ability to know so much about so many subjects is amazing. His mind never stops; therefore, keeping him from getting a good night’s rest. The Aries characteristics are spontaneous action and courage. He is a true warrior, self-propelled and ready to go at any time. The Aries’ charismatic personality attracts many lovers and is attracted to those that are spirited and dynamic.  He is protective and generous to those he loves. Money is very important to an Aries male, it enables him to feel more in control of his life; basically, money provides the freedom to do what he wants and to know he can pick up and go when the mood strikes. The Aries man likes to grow his own. With his attention to detail, you know his garden will have its very own, very unique combination of strains that will surprise and delight even the best of connoisseurs.

Compatible Signs: Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius, and Aquarius

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