August 2010 Product Reviews


So we at NUG have been receiving a bunch of the new electronic cigarette type vaporizers. By far, our favorite has been the Vapure. The coolest part about this particular brand is that you can get your cartridge/filter empty. They sell all kinds of flavored “smoke juice” for their models but let me be honest… if I am going to smoke a cigarette, it is going to be a real one! These things intrigued me for the simple fact that the filters can also be used for vaporizing cannabis! However, it MUST be in a liquid form. Dry buds do not work in this. We have found a few places selling liquid cannabis, a propylene glycol mixture that works GREAT! I think Vapure is going to be huge as soon as more people start making liquid cannabis drops that can be used with these types of vaporizers. In fact, I think this will be the preferred method of THC delivery for older patients or those that are concerned about ingesting carcinogens. The best part of the Vapure brand is that we not only found their product superior to others, but they’re also local. We LOVE local! Check them out online at:

Joe Kush Clothing

Straight from the Herb’n underground streets of Southern California comes Joe Kush stoner and gangster wear. The company was started a few years ago with inspiration from the Joe Cool Snoopy character from Peanuts. Joe, the owner, has been a fan of NUG since our first issue and has sent us numerous packages of his clothing to try out and give to our readers. After having a few of them pulled aside for myself, I had to take some space and let you, our readers know about the Joe Kush movement. His shirts are available at all kinds of cannabis related events but the easiest way to order yourself some is through his myspace page. Check him and his products out and order some dope ass gear for yourself at:

Bee Line

Bee Line is an organic hemp wick dipped in bee’s wax, making it an all natural alternative for lighting your favorite herb. The flavor differences between using a Bee Line versus a traditional lighter are tremendous! No longer will you have to suck down harmful butane while smoking out of your favorite pipe! Just light the Bee Line and use it to ignite your bowl. This is a simple yet super effective little invention and the NUG staff really liked using them. The Bee Line crew is super cool and you should spend some time checking out their website. You can order by the spool or by the case for shops. Check them out at:

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