August 2011 Issue Hits the streets!

August is here already and the summer is heating up! Last month was a whirlwind of events and celebrations throughout the county!

As we hit press time, we were informed that the signatures gathered by the PCA and the California Cannabis Coalition were validated and the restrictive ordinance was repealed! We wanted to congratulate both organizations for their hard work and efforts on the referendum, as well as the citizens of San Diego for getting out and signing the petition! Below is a message from the California Cannabis Coalition’s website:

“On April 12, 2011, the San Diego City Council passed an ordinance that would have forced all currently operating medical cannabis collectives in the city to close their doors. Only a couple of collectives would have been allowed to open after they came into compliance with one of the most restrictive ordinances in the state and the most restrictive zoning and operational requirements imposed on a business in the City of San Diego.

Before the ordinance took effect as law, medical marijuana advocates Patient Care Association ( and California Cannabis Coalition ( successfully gathered enough signatures to force a referendum on the ordinance. The signatures were submitted to the City Clerk for verification, and on July 18th, the community received confirmation that the signatures were valid. Today, July 25th, the city council met and listened to 56 speakers. Because of the referendum, they had 3 choices:
1.  Repeal the ordinance.
2.  Send it to general election, which would cost 1 million.
3.  Do nothing and a special election will be called at a cost of 3 million.

The San Diego City Council then voted to repeal the highly restrictive ordinance. This is a perfect example of what we can do as a community! You made the difference San Diego!”

We still have a lot of work to do and the only way to accomplish our goals is to be a united front against our opposition. Stay informed and keep up the great work we have seen to date.

On to the issue you hold in your hands…As always we’ve got a great one for you, San Diego!

Aaron Evans is covering an amazing glassblower in his Perpetual Motion column, and we take a look at the Freedom Fighters Clothing line and the story behind the company. We were also lucky enough to be graced with an article from new contributor Rachel Anders, who tells the remarkable and touching story of Mieko Perez, her son Joey, and Chronic Fatigue.

We also have an article about the new Sacramento Abatin Wellness Cooperative that is working with well-known talk show host and champion for Medical Cannabis, Montel Williams.

The editorial staff at NUG have been pushing me to allow a ‘Meet Ben G. Rowin’ article to run for over a year now, so I finally broke down and allowed it. Now, all will be able to learn more about me in this issue as well.

Of course, we have our usual columns, like The Chronisseur, Cooking with Kim, Health and Wellness, and the Product Reviews; as well as more local music than you can shake a stick at, with all three music articles covering San Diego bands this month! But, we also added some fun, including a look at an old favorite, Fritz The Cat, and an exclusive interview with Pro Skater Brandon Turner.

As always, thank you for picking up NUG Magazine – San Diego’s Original Cannabis Publication.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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