August 2011 Product Reviews

Organic Wick:

Based out of Golden, CO., Organic Wick is a small company making some outstanding hemp wicks. Hemp wicks are all natural and organic, using only Bee’s Wax as fuel to keep the wicks burning. These are great for those who don’t want the butane of a lighter to be something that they are inhaling when smoking their herbs of choice. Plus, the flavors you get when using a wick, versus a lighter directly, are absolutely noticeable! Organic Wick provides people with a 100% green, biodegradable and sustainable product that will not harm our ozone, environment, or even ourselves. If you haven’t tried a wick yet, you should!

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Deodorizer Bag:
The guys over at Deodorizer Bag sent us a bunch of different size samples to review. These bags are made with a patented, activated charcoal cloth. The sizes hold an 1/8th, a 1/2, or a full ounce of your favorite herbs, and they literally hold in all smells. I gave one a super test and sealed in an ounce of the most aromatic herb I could find and left it in my car all day. Usually after a while in my car, even double or triple bagged with a regular bag, my car smells like I’m actually growing in it! But not when I used the Deodorizer Bag! I was SUPER amazed by how well they worked and definitely recommend getting yourself one!

Check them out online at:

Alivi8 Vaporizer:
We received an Alivi8 Vaporizer last month to take for a spin and review. Billed as the world’s smallest vaporizer, this unique piece is made from high quality, medical grade stainless steel. It is durable and very simple to use, literally, anywhere. All you need is a standard lighter. However, for the best results, they recommend using an electronic ignition lighter, but both work really well. When unscrewed, the inside body reveals a path of cooling fins that actually cool the vapors. I found the product easy to use and effective for on-the-go vaporizing. If you control the flame in pulses and the speed of your inhalation, the Alivi8 heats your herb but doesn’t ignite it!

Check them out online at:

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