Bert Susanka and the Astronaut Love Triangle

By: Remington Ross

If you don’t know who Bert Susanka is, you should! And chances are you’ve heard the name. Maybe you heard it mentioned in the Sublime song “Greatest Hits” or heard his song “Big Salty Tears” covered by Bradley on Sublime’s Acoustic Album. Maybe you know him from the band The Ziggens, who Bert has been singing and playing guitar for since the early 90’s and touring up and down Southern California with. And maybe you’ve heard of his new project Bert Susanka & the Astronaut Love Triangle.  Somehow, in-between shows with The Ziggens, doing acoustic shows opening for The Dirty Heads, and working in the studio on his follow-up solo album to 2007’s “Onward Christian Slater”, Bert had time to answer some questions from NUG.

NUG: After years of playing with The Ziggens, what made you want to do some solo albums?
Bert: The Ziggen mates are all busy with different projects, so I had some time to think about a solo project (or 2).
NUG: Can we expect the follow up to “Onward Christian Slater” to sound a little different since you have a backing band now?
Bert: This album will be different because it’s a band now. That makes it exciting. A couple of the tracks will even be written by other members.
NUG: Rob Perez, Jason O’Donnell & Adam Hankinson are the Astronaut Love Triangle, where did that come from?
Bert: Google it!!!
NUG: You recently did some shows opening for Matisyahu, The Dirty Heads, and Sublime with Rome, what was it like to do shows with Bud and Eric again?
Bert: Amazing! Jammed on the bus with Eric, who joined me on stage for two of the shows. Sax player, Todd of Sublime with Rome, joined me on all the shows except one. I was on Bud’s bus; he is a great person who I enjoy spending time with. Rome is super talented. It was a great experience opening up for them. I got even fatter!!!
NUG: And you did those shows acoustic, can we expect a Bert Susanka Acoustic Album some time in the future?
Bert: No plans for an acoustic record, but there will always be plenty of acoustic songs mixed in with the rock format.
NUG: Any new Ziggens albums in the future?
Bert: A member’s wife talked to me about it recently. I believe it’ll happen down the road.
NUG: I heard you helped start Skunk Records?
Bert: I didn’t really start Skunk. Michael “Miguel” Happoldt played in The Ziggens at the time, and he started Skunk. We got in on the ground floor, but it was Michael’s brainchild.
NUG: Anyone in San Diego you want to give a shout out to?
Bert: I want to give a shout out to the late Country Dick Montana.

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