Candy Rain (Poundcake x Gelato 41) Strain Review

Candy Rain (Poundcake x Gelato 41)

Grown by @yourhighnessla @yhla_b
Bred by @jigga_415
Spectrum used- Led
Reviewed by: Everythingnice1


YHLA is back again with some New New this will be the 3rd strain of there’s that I try. What stands out to me about YHLA is the consistency and quality that I’m seeing with there grows and the fact that they always have something new brewing. With that said today we have Candy Rain and I thought it would be fitting to give the back story on these “Candy Rain” Seeds.

These seeds were originally part of a contest that Cookies Fam Genetics was having. Each pack had a price tag of 500 bucks and the grower who grew the best version of these Candy Rain seeds would win 20 grand. Unfortunately, some people had problems with the seeds and the contest never came to be. It would have been cool to see the contest follow through. But I gotta be honest I think @yourhighnessla would have had a great shot with there entry that you’re about to see.

Terps we’re very loud and dank on this girl. The crossing of the two strains brings out a different profile altogether, And one that I’ve smelled and reviewed before although not as dank and trich filled as Candy Rain but on a strain called Cheetah Piss who has a similar look and genetics. Inside the jar, you’re welcomed with many flavors musky, peppery, minty, soapy, butterscotch aromas. Inside the bud, the musk and mint amplify resembling a sharp aged cheese and original Ben gay pain cream at times. Added to this you get these beautiful candy terps W/ hints of gas that come out on the grind. Again the crossing made for a different and complex profile. On the smoke, the musk pepper and mint come through nicely. Ash was white and the hash line was extra greasy

Structure speaks for itself two things that really stood out to me were the cure and the trim on the buds which were absolutely perfect. The outside of the buds had that slight crispy crunch with a sticky resinous middle that had a bounce back. And the trim job was proper they left the perfect amount of those sparkling blue and purple sugar leaves. A rough cut as I call it.

The high was very upbeat social and potent. She exudes good energetic vibes. A happy high the best way I can describe it. I would consider her a Perfectly even hybrid although if you do overindulge or take to big a hit she will put you on your ass. Also wanted to add that I’m extremely impressed with the use of the LED’s, The look, terpene profile, and density were all there. Huge Thank you to @yourhighnessla @yhla_b @harvest.pros @nugmag  @jigga_41

Enjoying the finest medicine there is. Enjoy my reviews!

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