By. Ben G. Rowin
Photo By. Priscilla Valdez

Castillo is a Rock en Espanol band from Imperial Beach, CA. Fronted by our own Oscar Castillo. Most of you know Oscar as the guy who delivers NUG Magazine every month to ALL of the San Diego locations. Oscar has also been delivering San Diego CityBEAT for over 5 years. He is very well- known in San Diego and has been in the music scene here for years. In fact it is a common joke that he might be a vampire since he looks so young but has been playing in local bands for over 25 years! The first time I saw Oscar perform live I was 14 years old, so it was 20 years ago, in a local band called “Live to Tell.”

He also fronted “Wild Tribe”, which played at the Whiskey a Go Go and The Roxy, and his music was played on early San Diego radio stations. Oscar has been playing rock in San Diego since the big glam, hair days, and has a unique sound that is very reminiscent of that time.

Never really catching the “big break” into the mainstream music industry, Oscar has been plugging away, just making music and staying positive. His new band Castillo however, is on the verge of breaking into a market that they have been playing for the last 5-6 years…the Rock en Espanol market.

Playing songs in both English and Spanish has really opened up a new audience to the music and being in San Diego, so close to the Mexico border, Castillo has built an enormous following, packing shows at local venues like House of Blues, Ramona Main Stage, Brick by Brick, Del Mar Fair, and so many others. Castillo has also played one of the main stages at the Rock and Roll Marathon for the last 6 years and their songs have been chosen to appear on the New Balance Rock and Roll Marathon CD.

Joining Oscar in Castillo is Jose Luis Peraza on guitar and Jesus Arambula on bass.

What these guys have going for them most is their live shows! They are total rock stars on stage, and you can tell Oscar has been doing this for years. His comfortability on stage shines through in his performances. The music is rock with a Latin flare and vibe, capturing the essence of the mixing pot that is Southern California.

Currently, the band has been invited to play a small tour in Hawaii, their second time out to the islands; they will be playing the Mexican Independence Day, Mexican Centennial celebration.

We at NUG recommend checking them out next time they are playing in San Diego. This is feel good music at its best! You can stay up to date on upcoming shows on their space at:

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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