Chronic Tacos

By: Rachel Anders & Scott Whytsell

It was 4:20 and we were out and about doing “our” thing and craving some “CHRONIC” food when we met up with the owner of Chronic Tacos of San Diego’s franchise, Brett Williams. We wanted to learn more about CHRONIC TACOS and what all the buzz is about! Chronic Tacos has been around since 2001 and went international this year expanding to Canada. Chronic Tacos is known for healthy authentic Mexican food from third generation recipes. Brett and his business partner Joe Vahedi co-own the two locations in San Diego’s North Coastal County: Encinitas (corner of El Camino and Encinitas Blvd.) and the other in Solana Beach off Lomas Santa Fe (first shopping center east off 5 freeway and Lomas Santa Fe). Being the picky Californians that we are, we know good Mexican food, and we know that CHRONIC TACOS IS JUST THAT: CHRONIC! We ordered the beef “Fatty” taquitos, which were the best and biggest taquitos we’ve ever had. You could actually taste the meat (not just the shell), and each taquito was individually dressed with sour cream, homemade salsa, and guacamole. We also ordered the machaca burrito and it was SO flavorful and stellar! The nice thing about the machaca burrito is that it’s served all day and night, unlike in some other places. We both ordered different items to have variety and we both agreed – FOOD COMA! After we finished, we chatted with Brett and raved about Chronic Tacos, and thanked him for introducing them to SD.

How long has Chronic Tacos been opened down south here?
Chronic Tacos has been opened in Encinitas for 6 months, and Chronic Tacos Solana Beach for 3 months! It’s been a busy and crazy productive few months.

We have to ask, what is your favorite dish?
I LOVE the carnitas tacos! I eat them everyday- no joke. Why our carnitas are so yummy are that the carnitas is slow-cooked fresh everyday for three hours (melts in your mouth). I also love our beer-battered fish tacos!

What are the most popular items on the menu?
Our carne asada tacos and our carnitas tacos! Our taquitos are so filling – “We Roll Fatties here.”

What is the connection with pro skater and actor stuntman Weeman?
He owns the Redondo Beach location and it’s featured in Jackass 3 the movie!

What makes Chronic Tacos a step above the “other” places?
Our name, Taco Life theme, our atmosphere, artwork, music, you can watch action sports Fuel TV, and obviously, most importantly, our higher quality of food!

Well, its obvious Chronic Tacos thinks about the “little” things! Your tables are personalized, the artwork per store is individualized “surf theme in SD,” the napkin dispensers, soda fountain, all the decor boasts chronic tacos! You even have a convenient ice cream freezer! What have you guys not thought of?
We thought of our hungry customers and giving them an inviting, awesome food experience!

What are your future plans for Chronic Tacos in SD?
We are SO excited, our next location is planned for PB and we can’t wait!

It’s nice you have specials on Monday and Tuesday nights for your hungry customers!
We do whatever we can for the community such as donations and sponsoring action sports stars and events!

Well Brett, our food was amazing. Thanks for sharing Chronic Tacos with San Diego! Congrats on all your hard work and future success. Here’s to Taco Life at Chronic Tacos!!
Thanks NUG Magazine! Come in whenever you are hungry and wanting Chronic Tacos!!!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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