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Although we usually feature strains from various collectives around the city and county, this month we decided to go straight to the source – the growers of San Diego who put their green thumbs to work to keep collectives stocked and patients supplied with the medicine they need. While anyone can grow cannabis, there are a select few who do it at a professional level and can always be counted on for quality and consistency.

Black Afghani: (Formula 1 Productions)
“This one was grown really well. It has just the right amount of red hairs and trichomes. It’s a rock hard nug with really nice purpling. The name leads me to believe it is a Blackberry crossed with Afghani; although, it looks like a nicely grown Blackberry Kush. Its density is probably because of the Afghani cross. The aroma is sweet, not pungent at all. I’m really excited about trying this one! It tastes a lot like Blackberry (which is a good thing of course!). It is sweet on the palette, with a punch to the lungs like the Afghani. Whoever grew this did an excellent job. The hit gave me a solid head high that soon worked its way down my shoulders and was very relaxing. I would recommend the Black Afghani to a wide variety of patients. It would help with everything from tension headaches to chronic pain.”

Bubba Kush: (Formula 1 Productions)
“This bud is a striking shade of green with lots of trichomes, and it is also nice and tight. It is just the slightest bit on the dry side, but I think that is because of packaging, not because of anything the grower did wrong. It has the distinctive Bubba aroma that I love. As a fan of the Bubba Kush, I am excited to give this one a try. Wow! Instant expansion and a real kick to the lungs! It tastes just as good as it looks and smells. It has that true Bubba flavor. This sample clearly came from really solid genetics. This strain would be great for a patient in need of moderate pain relief and relaxation. The grower did an A+ job on this one.”

Super Lemon Haze: (Uncle P)
“This Super Lemon Haze is beautiful on the outside, and when I cracked it open, it was like a treasure chest of shiny trichomes. Like everyone else, I am a huge fan of the Haze, so I am really digging the aroma of this one. It has a super Hazy overtone with a really nice citrus blend in there too. Wow, I can really taste the lemon in the hit – there is definitely no false advertising here! Very nice, I just can’t say enough about how good the flavor is. The grower did an excellent job of bringing out the best features in the Lemon Haze. It provides a moderate cerebral high that is not incapacitating, but is very relaxing. This one would be perfect for creative types who use cannabis to help them focus.”

LA Confidential: (Uncle P)
“This is one amazing looking bud. It is very dense with bright green coloring, plenty of orange hairs, and a slight amount of purpling due to temperature fluctuation. Its aroma is on the sweeter side, in a good way. It packs a nice hit that is easy on the lungs, which is a good thing for many patients. It also tastes sweeter than I expected, but there is nothing wrong with that! This LA Confidential would work great for a patient who prefers an indica and for those who are in need of nausea relief. Overall, another excellent sample!”

San Diego growers have once again proven why they are the cream of the crop, and Hopper wants everyone to recognize them for the time, energy, care, and risks they take to keep patients supplied with medicine. He also wants to explain to NUG readers how his collective operates. Founded and directed by San Diegans, for San Diegans, Hopper’s Green Door Collective at 3021 Adams Avenue is a private, patient resource center that not only serves its patients, but also contributes to the surrounding community. The GDC staff is currently meeting with potential new members. Stop by Monday–Saturday from 3–6pm and have a chat with Hopper or Jonesy, so you can get to know each other and see if you would be a good fit for their one-of-a-kind collective. Hopper’s goal is to be a positive example of how medical cannabis collectives can be a force for good throughout the San Diego area by giving back to local charities and being a responsible member of the community.

Article By: Pamela Jayne | Photos by: Phil Calvin for SCR Photo

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