Chronisseur 6 of 420

You know you’ve got a good gig when being given less to do is disappointing. It has been such a busy month around here, that’s why we’re only reviewing two strains in this issue. I broke the news to Hopper that he had one less sample to judge, and he took it pretty well. Although I am still not sure if he was kidding when he said we have to do an extra one next month…

Venom: (California’s Best Meds)
“This is a really beautiful, tight nug. Warm, dark coloring. When I was breaking it open to check it out, the trichromes were glistening like little diamonds. The manicure job on it is A+. Pleasant aroma. Sweet and kushy, but not quite OG like. Be sure to buckle up when you hit this one and get ready for some serious expansion. The Venom definitely has a bite to it! Very stony high, hits the head pretty quick. I call it a dome-run. Taste is earthy and kushy. This would be perfect for a patient who is looking for a sleep aid, because it will put you down in a good way. It’s a sedative without the negative side effects of pharmaceuticals.”

Skywalker: (San Diego Organic Wellness Association)
“Very dense, monster bud with tons of red hairs. Cracked it open and the trichromes were blinging. Whoever grew this gets a green thumb up from me. Not only was it grown well, but also manicured neatly. It’s an all around beauty. Has a sweet smell, earthy undertone with a hint of kush in there due to the Mazar cross. Damn! Now that one gave me quite the cough session. Incredible expansion and instant relaxation. I felt the tension in my shoulders release almost immediately. Anyone dealing with a lot of stress or in need of pain relief would absolutely benefit from this one. Flavor isn’t overpowering, but still good. For what it lacks in flavor, it definitely makes up for in all other areas. Don’t get me wrong though, it does taste good. And I have to give props to one of my top budtender’s at The Green Door, for refreshing my memory on the Skywalker cross…it’s the Blueberry x’s Mazar. Thanks Drew!”

We all know the saying, “Find something you love to do, and you will never work another day in your life.” Well, from what I have witnessed in the last several months, I have a feeling that Hopper will never have to work another day in his life, because he truly loves what he does. Yeah, being the Chronisseur is fun, but his heart is behind The Green Door, providing patients safe access to high quality meds. That’s what it’s all about for him. Weed not greed. Patients before profits. Like he told me during our last session, “It’s all about giving back, not giving in.”

Story by: Pamela Jayne
Nug Shots by: M.K. Jack
Hopper photo by: Phil Calvin of SCR photos

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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