D.I.Y. Cloning

By: The SD OG Grower

Summer is quickly approaching again in Southern California and right now, during spring, is the best time to get your indoor or outdoor garden started! And the best way to get any garden started is to have the best genetics possible, and getting a clone from the best stock plant is the best and quickest option available!

People always ask me where they can get the best clones from, and I always tell them I don’t know…probably from the best stock plant you know of. Seeds are where it all starts, but starting from seed is a long and unknown process. It’s sort of like you or me having sex with our girl and not knowing what our little DNA loads are going to produce or create. When our parents conceived us, they didn’t know what we would look like or how we would be; and those of us with brothers or sisters are rarely identical. The same goes for plants. The seeds they produce are all very similar, but not identical, and there is always one seed that produces a better plant than other seeds.

When you get seeds of your favorite genetics from a reputable seed bank or source, you want to start as many of the seeds of the same genetic as you can, comfortably. Do not over crowd them, grow them out. Once they are large enough to go into flower, take a clone of each plant and label them, so you know exactly what plant each one came from. Only after all your clones have rooted, you can put the clones into flower and finish them out, testing each plant’s fruit for quality and potency. During this time of flowering out the clones, you must have each of the original stock plants in the vegetative stage until you decide which clones or clone is the absolute best. At this point, only pick the best one or two plants. Go back to the stock plants in veg and only keep the best one or two. Hopefully, you listened and labeled each of your clones and stock plants, so you know which clones came from which stock plants. I can’t tell you how many thousands of times I’ve heard a grower tell me that they were lazy and messed up with labeling the plants. Don’t be lazy; label all of them each time! Now, destroy all the other plants that are not the ones you are keeping. The idea is to get down to having only the best one or two plants. Once we have this, we can clone as many plants as we want.

Cloning is the popular method of reproducing plants of identical genetics and qualities. By taking a cutting, a plant part removed from the stock plant or donor plant that will develop roots and grow when placed into a medium with the proper environment, we’re able to produce a new identical plant within about 7-14 days. And once it produces roots, you have an identical copy of the donor plant. Now, all the plants in your room can grow the exact same.

I’ve had people tell me they’re getting special clones every time they grow and paying for them each time. Why? Take one of those and veg it out as a donor plant; clone it and be independent. When you buy your clones from other people, you run the risk of introducing diseases and insects into your garden. Why would you want to do that and take a chance that could destroy your plants?

Think about it like this: If you had the best genetics and clone or plant, would you want to give it to anyone? The point being is that you’re probably not going to get the best genetics available by paying $5 – $10 for it. Someone who has something unique and special is going to keep that for themselves and not want everyone else to have it. So when you do come across something special and unique, make sure you save it by creating a donor plant and cloning it for future use – keeping it for years to come. And if you need to pay someone a fair amount of money for a unique genetic, don’t be a disrespectful grower and cheapskate by refusing to pay the price for it. If you can get your hands on one good genetic, you can make as many clones as you want for a long time.

Just about any plant I have ever come across can be cloned! If anyone ever tells you that a plant can’t be cloned, they’re probably lying to you to make sure you keep buying clones from them.

So to make sure you have the best harvest possible, start with the right genetics! You can only be as good as the stock you come from. Don’t be cloning poor genetics and passing them around in circulation because it destroys the quality available to the general public! Cloning is very simple once you do it and have the proper environment.  It will be one of the best things you do for your garden, and it will make for a much better garden if you get the right genetics!

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