Dank 2.0 | Through the Eyes of Subcool

By: R.J. Villa

This month, NUG Magazine takes a look at the newly released book, Dank 2.0 – The Quest for the Very Best Marijuana Continues. This second book in the Dank series picks up where the first volume left off, diving into the depths of a talented breeder’s psyche. The book is filled with full page photos and double-page spreads of each resin-heavy and trichome laden strain. Every single strain pictured in this book was grown 100% organically in soil with no chemicals added, thus displaying the strains in their full glory. The photos leap right off the page, you can almost smell them. Jack the Ripper looks like its buds have been frosted with snow. The photos of Tiny Bomb are an explosion of green, orange and purple drenched in trichomes. Each entry details the various characteristics of the individual strains using Subcool’s vast knowledge of cannabis, which he acquired over 20 years of passionate selection and experience.

“Take a rich, visual journey into the world of gourmet cannabis, into one breeder’s garden and mind. This book is a window into the quest for the perfect marijuana plant, revealing the details of how new marijuana varieties are developed and the symbiotic relationship between plant and grower.” -Dank 2.0 Introduction

In this book, we once again peer over the shoulders of TGA seed company owner Subcool as he assesses the traits of various cannabis strains and hybrids cataloged. Subcool is a seed breeder residing in North America who is well-known for his unique hybrids. His Vortex strain won the 2010 San Francisco Cannabis Cup. Subcool has been involved with cannabis for many years, having occupied various roles within the cannabis culture: pothead, grower, activist, breeder, photographer, journalist and caregiver.

Dank 2.0 is more than just nug porn. Subcool provides an intimate portrait of each variety’s personality with vivid photos and full color spreads, highlighting over 35 different varieties. Each spread comes with comprehensive descriptions, detailed profiles of each strain’s aroma, taste and high. To help inform growers, Subcool also lists growing characteristics of how they grow and what they look like. An index variety list helps locate the strains covered in this book.

The Variety Test Data at the back of the book lists the THC, CBD and CBN percentages on several strains featured in the book, such as Apollo-13 BX, Jilly Bean, Pandora’s Box, The Third Dimension, Qleaner, Qrazy Train and the award winning Vortex. The tests on the strains were performed by Steep Hill Labs in Oakland, California. The Variety Genetic Trees listed at the end of the book offers a wealth of knowledge for additional strains, detailing everything from strain backgrounds, lineage, flowering times and availability. A solid glossary of terms in the back will help bring novices up to speed.

“This book is not the story of my life, but the story of the search for the ultimate strain and the quest for Dank,” writes Dank 2.0 author Subcool. “I hope my love for this plant and the culture surrounding it continues to shine and inspire others who are on the quest for Dank.”

Dank 2.0 hit the shelves this April, providing its readers with a perfect addition to your cannabis library. It is packed from cover to cover with amazing photographs coupled with complete descriptions of over 40 varieties and details about aroma, taste, high and growing characteristics of each strain.

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