Dantes Boneyard

How’d The Show Go?
By: SD Liz

On August 5th, Dantes Boneyard opened up at the Unwritten Law show, which took place at the House of Blues in Downtown, San Diego. It was a rock ‘n’ roll performance as they pumped the crowd with some hard-rock music. With mohawks and an unruly kind of vibe, these guys blasted music into people’s ears. Some songs were also slow-rock and about modern-day relationships, including a song called “Walk Away.” The band played a song called “Not Jaded,” which they told the audience they are making a video for. Towards the end of their performance, a female guest dressed in a shiny red corset came out to pump up the crowd more and help sing a song. Overall, the band addressed the crowd well with Jae Rose, the singer, being humorous in-between songs. For more information on the band, check out www.dantesboneyard.com

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