December 2010 Product Reviews

1) CannTainer from Dragon Chewer

Our boys over at Dragon Chewer came up with a “toothless” GrindTainer to offer an economical and cost effective container for collectives and caregivers to use for their patients. They come with the ability to store multiple strains in an air tight container with a lock-in-place cap. One of the things I like best is that they are made from 100% recycled materials and are 100% recyclable. An added feature for collectives is the fact that they have printing and customization options! Check out all their products on their website:

2) Vortex Glow

Ahhh Yeah! The Vortex Glow is a new piece put out by our friends over at Vortex; these guys are well-known for making some sick stuff. Some of our staffers can’t put theirs down. The Glow is a standard straight glass tube with a heady glass-on-glass stem and bowl. It has a frosted black glass base and is the first smoking device to use battery powered LED lights. Under the base there are electronic buttons that let the user choose from six colors as well as solid, blink, and fade patterns. All of them also have a glass pinch that leaves room for ice cubes, which not only cool smoke, but also intensify the colors. Each one comes with a 9-volt battery, cleaning brush, Vortex Lighter leash, and a screwdriver to open the battery case. This would make an AMAZING gift! Get one today at:

3) ProModz

Another San Diego company, ProModz  makes custom modified controllers for video game systems. As an avid gamer, when I saw these custom controllers, I went nuts! These things are sick! It is not just stickers either, they are hand painted. They had some amazing ones on display at the Dub Show, but they actually sent in an XBox 360 controller they called “Kush,” a “Chronic Green” pearlescent paint with a green and purple shifting top coat that changes colors depending on the light. Not stopping there, they also painted cannabis leaves on the front, and matched all the buttons to the same paint color as the leaves! Just to show us how detailed they can get with these things, they also dialed out the battery pack with the NUG Magazine logo! ProModz is the only company that uses the same paint that is featured on the cars at car shows like the Dub Show. They have a grip of options on their website and offer custom pieces, leaving only your imagination to limit you. Check them out for the gamer in your life at:

4) Health Stone Glass

I ran into the guys from Health Stone Glass at the SD Medical Cup. A San Diego company that is making some incredible utensils for the medical community. All Heath Stone Glass utensils come with the patent pending Oil Vapor Stone. These pipes are for use with your cannabis oils and full melts. There are some amazing health benefits to using oils and full melts (look for our January article)! Their products are available for retail as well as for wholesale. If you are a collective or store looking to carry Heath Stone Glass, they can be contacted via email at Some retail locations carrying the product are Funky Monkey and Glass Works in P.B., and Farm Associated Collective. Or you can check them out online at:

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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