December 2011 Product Reviews

Sanuk R.A.S.T.A line
Just in time for holiday shopping, we received some samples from Sanuk to tell our readers about. Sanuk is a company with the environment in mind, making SUPER comfortable shoes that are also eco-friendly! They have loads of different styles and options. In fact, some of my favorite flip flops that I own are a pair of Sanuks made from recycled yoga mats. But today, we wanted to tell NUG readers about their new R.A.S.T.A project. Sanuk has partnered with team rider and eco-surfer Dave Rastovich to produce the project, which stands for Recycled And Sustainable Trade Alliance, and their goal is to even further reduce its impact on the world by providing footwear that is truly impact free. I asked a company rep to tell me a little about the new line: “We didn’t want to do it halfway, so a lot of research went into the creation of this line to be certain we made a low-impact Sanuk. For example, the outsoles are made from recycled tires, which are sourced from within 100 km of the factory. All of our materials were chosen to have the smallest impact possible: jute, hemp, natural latex, real cork and recycled PET (recycled plastic bottles). As the eco-industry evolves and develops, we will implement the materials and processes that make the most sense to us without affecting style or comfort.” In my opinion, Sanuk has done it again and their new line is AMAZING! Get some for the ECO Warrior in your life this season! You can learn more online at: or

420 Preserve
A few months ago, our boys at 420 Science sent over another one of their new products. It took me a few months to give it a good run through, so I could review it. The new product is 420 Preserve, a botanical storage spray. When I first got them, I thought the bottles were empty because they were SO light; but the natural gasses inside weigh nothing and the cans were full! I took two identical jars (also from 420 Science) and stuck a couple of grams of the same strain into each jar, filling one with the 420 Preserve before fitting the lid on, and the other jar with no Preserve. I left both jars in cabinets for over a month, returning the other day to check them out. The jar with the 420 Preserve in it was obviously the fresher of the 2 samples after a month. The aromas were stronger and the nugs were less dry than the ones that came out of the other jar, showing me that this product really works! It would be perfect for those of you with large harvests that need to be stored. I only left my samples in there for a month and could see, smell, and taste the difference. I recommend this product to ALL growers who are going to be storing and curing their buds in jars! 420 Science has done it again! This and all of their other products are absolutely TOP SHELF! Pick some up today at your local retailer or online at:

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