Devin The Dude visits San Diego and “It’s all love”

By: Goldi Schiffner

Devin The Dude is a name synonymous with cannabis and a culture of rap that has emerged over the last decade and a half. It is hip hop that goes past the club, the street talk and the struggle, to the joy of smoking the green leaf and the culture of those who do. Not only does Devin The Dude record music for a generation of stoners, but also for those who like to party, but still live responsibly.

In anticipation of the October 16th show with Devin The Dude and Black Resume at 4th & B in San Diego, NUG Magazine wanted to see what people can expect and get the latest news from Devin himself. We had the opportunity to speak with the artist who hasn’t visited San Diego in over a year, and needless to say, he is excited to return to our beloved city.

Devin The Dude may seem like a character from Los Angeles with the vibrant underground scene, but he actually resides and began his career in Texas. Currently, Devin The Dude tours around the United States and globally, bringing the music he has created, spanning more than a decade to the fans that know, love and support him.

So far Devin has released over seven studio albums and three mix tapes spanning a 12 year career that is still going strong. Earlier this year on April 20th, 2010, more affectionately referred to in the community as 4/20, Devin released Suite #420, a solo album that includes his label mates and partners, the Coughee Brothaz.

We asked Devin about his single from the recently released album Suite #420, “What I be on,” and he said that it is not only about marijuana and beer as his cocktail of what “he is on”, but the song is also about being a good, responsible individual at the same time. With an entertaining party style music video to go with the single, it is definitely something worth checking out on YouTube.

But how does an artist who has worked a career for over a decade seem to maintain a full schedule doing shows and new projects… especially without the support of mainstream media like MTV. Devin says that it is the fans support and loyalty that has allowed him to remain in the underground spotlight for so long. With fans and colleagues constantly asking him about new projects, it isn’t easy for Devin to stay out of the studio or quit working.

The notable collaborations that Devin has built over the years include a feature on Dr. Dre’s Chronic 2001 album, with the song “Fuck You.” Devin says that each collaboration is a newly opened door and something he is honored to be a part of. Another interesting collaboration we hear from Devin is that another lifestyle magazine, the national High Times, will be partnering up with the Coughee Brothaz to form a label; Devin believes it is an exciting merger that should bring a lot of new material.

Meanwhile, besides records from Devin The Dude, constant touring and video’s, there is a new project in the works that seems a bit unexpected. In early 2011, look for previews of a new movie starring Devin The Dude called Hillbilly Highway, Executive Produced by Eddie Griffin. The movie co-stars include Tiny Lister. Jr, Erik Estrada, Gary Owen, Tommy Ford, Keith David and is about two Atlanta, GA., city-slickers on an adventure for their green “pot of gold.”

Your chance to see him live is on October 16th when Devin The Dude performs in a show presented by San Diego hip hop sweethearts, Black Resume. Devout fans of Devin The Dude, the San Diego Music Award nominated Black Resume is presenting the show and are the ones responsible for bringing Devin back to San Diego. The show comes after Black Resume opened for Devin in Santa Barbara, and Devin has kind words for the local up and comers saying that they are great guys and this is “round 2.”

Guilla from Black Resume explains, “I have been bumping Devin ever since I can remember, starting with his first album The Dude. “Doobie Ashtray” is one of my favorite songs till this day. Since Devin is such a good artist, as well as being real cool peoples, we wanted to show love and bring him to San Diego for his loyal fan base here.”

And what can fans expect at a show, where Devin is known for bringing Swishers and being a bit fashionably late, according to Wikipedia? Devin says that he likes to bring the party with him, but usually when he shows up, the party is already well underway. When I asked Devin what kind of energy people can expect, he explained that the energy is usually already there, especially in a place like San Diego, people are already “crunk” when he arrives, which is just the way he likes it.

Devin The Dude affirmed a love for America’s Finest City, and that he feels it is the most beautiful city in the world because of the sightseeing and the downtown atmosphere. Particularly he likes the city lights and putting “one in the air” as he enjoys our cities atmosphere.

While 420 is something Devin stays connected to, even in his hometown of Houston, TX, we wanted to get his opinion on the upcoming vote California is facing in November to legalize marijuana for more than just patients. With enthusiasm, Devin explains that it “needs to happen,” and also made informed suggestions that with the backdoor deals going on at the border and perspective killings, legalization would help to alleviate the crimes.

The music that Devin The Dude has created over the years is a masterpiece, and an ode to the lifestyle that hopefully California voters will embrace in November 2010. With the long standing underground career Devin The Dude has had, he remains a testament to the power of a party culture who embraces comedy in a well-tuned musician and the embodiment of someone so many of us can relate to. Devin wants to say to San Diego, “it is all love!”

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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