Dr. Bronner’s All-One Ark educating through clean fun

By Abner Nevarez and Dion Markgraaff

Dr. Bronner’s Magic All-One has taken on one of the most creative, entertaining, and educational endeavors: an “edutainment” experience, better coined as an “interblastive foam experience,” by David Bronner, President of the 63-year-old castile soap brand out of San Diego. The All-One Ark is a gigantic bathtub/shower that is accompanied by a renovated, colorful and “psychedelic” fire truck. The Ark has been blasting thousands of festival-goers throughout the country with organic fair trade soap.

If you come across the Dr. Bronner’s All-One Ark, you’ll witness participants blasting each other with some castile soap suds to the point where everyone looks like Frosty the Snowman; after which time, you’ll rinse off the peppermint scented foam.  Just as important, this spa experience is ecologically friendly by only using a third of the water that a normal shower would use. Music festival-goers appreciate the benefits of the Ark on many levels: water conservation, being festive, and the service of cleaning themselves while entertaining and educating one another about environmentalism, organics, and fair trade issues/solutions.

In addition to this rave like shower experience, look out for the mobile food cart, All-One Kitchen, which travels with the Ark to events up and down the west coast. Its specialties include organic and fair trade vegan food made with Dr. Bronner’s newly launched virgin fair trade organic coconut oils (white and whole kernel versions).

The Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap Company is a huge supporter of industrial hemp and medical cannabis. Over the recent years, they have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars defending hemp products in court and promoting hemp through the Hemp Industry Association (HIA). Inspired by one of the original NUG Magazine articles on San Diego’s hemp industry in the early 20th century, the company started the now annual national event “Hemp History Week.” In addition, they have given thousands of dollars to ASA, NORML, MAPS, and, recently, $5000 to the Patient Care Association (www.pcaca.org) to overturn the San Diego City Council ordinance that would have forced all currently operating medical cannabis collectives in the city to close their doors. Therefore, wise cannabis lovers would be smart to use their products.

The All-One Ark will be in San Diego on Saturday, Sept. 24th, at Mission Beach, at the end of San Fernando Place (south of the roller coaster). Dr. Bronner is sponsoring the 100 Wave challenge fundraiser that is put on by The Boys to Men Mentoring organization. Check out 100wave.org for more info. For additional up-and-coming Ark events, stay in touch at www.alloneark.com and Facebook.com/alloneark.

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