February 2011 Product Reviews

By Ben G. Rowin

420 Science (420 Scope)

Our friends over at 420 Science sent us the 400x USB Microscope! This powerful microscope plugs directly into your computer and comes with all the software you need to capture the images on-screen and save them as JPEGs. I took a few shots of the strains I’ve been smoking lately to show you the magnification power of the unit. This thing is beyond AMAZING! It is simple to install and you can start using it out of the box within minutes. The photos that it captures are great, showing all the beautiful trichomes! This scope is essential for ALL growers and cannabis connoisseurs! In fact, I feel that every collective should have one, so they can show their members the medicine at a magnified level. They offer wholesale and retail options on their website, and my suggestion is to get one for yourself as soon as you can! This is one of my favorite new products!

Castle Pipes (Medicinal Use Disposable Pipes)

Castle Pipes sent over some of their new Medicinal Use disposable pipes. At 3.5” long with a price of less than $0.99, you can’t beat it! Though they are disposable, they can be used multiple times if you choose to. The pipes are made from a food quality cardboard and include a removable brass bowl and screen. These pipes are great for travel if you don’t want to risk breaking your expensive glass piece. They’re also great pipes for events; no one wants to risk carrying their dirty pipe out of an event, especially when you could toss this one in the trash on your way out. They are durable, convenient, and great for the patient on the go!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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