February 2012 Product Reviews

Kush Scientificâ„¢
We received the new Type 2 Puckline™ from Kush Scientific to try out. This pipe is amazing. It is a 19” beast. The percolator at the bottom is something that I have not seen before and it really allows for a strong perc! I have been seeing the popularity of scientific-type glass rising over the last few years and I really like the clean look that these pipes have, especially when they are filled with smoke. Just imagine staring at a glass of milk. Now I am usually partial to a smaller pipe, like a 12”–14”, but I was really surprised with how smooth the pull on this larger piece was. Their Nor Cal Scientific logo on the pipe already has some of my Nor Cal boys breaking my balls and trying to take my pipe home with them. But fuck that…I’m keeping this one! Check them out and get your own:

Jet Pack
Jet Pack sent us a few of their products. These innovative tri-compartment containers are super simple and cool. I really dig the fact that I can put my lighter, a small pipe, some papers, and a few pre-rolls in the same container rather than letting them bounce around in my pockets. Everything is kept together. It is also a plus that the whole pack fits in my back pocket. You could use this for anything you want to carry, keep organized, or safe. They also offer different options on their site; from an empty one, to one that includes a pipe, papers, and rolling tips. It’s super affordable and makes a great gift. Check them out at

Stealth Products
We got a backpack from the boys over at Stealth products to give it a test run. The company specializes in safe, secure, odorless layers of protection and offers everything from vacuum bags to a full-size digital safe. I have been reviewing a lot of different types of odor proof bags lately, but what I like about these the most is the price point. These are quality products at a very reasonable price. Plus, the backpack is exactly what they bill it as, stealth! No little logos, no identifying marks, just a clean black backpack that is as discreet as can be. When I put it to the test, it worked incredibly well.  It held in the odors of my contents so well that I had to let our readers know about it! If you are traveling with something that has an overwhelming smell, you better be traveling with a Stealth Product backpack or duffle bag for sure! Check out all of their products at

Grassroots California
The crew over at Grassroots sent us a sample pack of their hats. Now I’m a hat dude, and you would be hard-pressed to ever find me without a fitted cap wrapped around my noggin, so I was stoked to get this package. Grassroots is not only making super quality products at outstanding prices, but they are also donating a percentage of every purchase to different organizations. Their goal as a company is to give back to the communities they live in and around the globe. They are doing collaboration hats with different organizations, bands and businesses, including NORML, MPP, The Surfrider Foundation, Hitman Glass, and many, many more. The quality and design of the products they sent us are outstanding and I strongly recommend that you check them out and get yourself a dope brim.


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