February CD Reviews

1) Mystic Roots “Cali-Hi”
This highly anticipated sophomore album features 18 positively groovin’ new tracks and includes a companion DVD “What’s It Like” – The Official Mystic Roots Documentary. The band’s new sound was created by the addition of American Idol contestant Katherine Ramirez (co-writing and contributing vocals), and Zion Thompson from the Hawaiian reggae group The Green. This essential album features an amazing blend of horns and three part harmonies that are sure to get you in the mood for relaxing with that special someone!

2) Kēvens “We Are One”
We Are One is the debut release of KÄ“vens, a Miami-based musician who has been strongly influenced by the rave scene of the late 90s, the sounds of London, and the Marley family taking him in as a musical brother. In his search to create an original sound, KÄ“vens has finally succeeded in merging his life experiences with a single, cohesive message that is spiritual, positive, and uplifting. Fusing his reggae roots with unexpected new rhythms and a sexy voice, this is a great album to set the ambiance for a romantic dinner or a roll in the hay.

3) Aivar “Steady Rising”
This San Jose band’s second release, an EP called Steady Rising, mixes rock, pop, ska, and funk to create a fresh sound that the ladies will love. That’s probably why MTV picked tracks from this EP to be featured in this year’s Miami Fashion Week. They describe their style as a combination of sweet and spicy mixed together to create a delicious blend of savory perfection. Yum! Songs like Seventeen will remind you of the innocence of your high school days, and Fly Away and Want Her Now will have you yearning for more.

4)Jet West “Dropping In”
This is local band Jet West’s first full-length album, hence the title Dropping In, which simultaneously describes their entry into the music industry as well as their love for dropping in on the San Diego waves. For those music lovers looking for something a bit harder, they offer a balanced mix of reggae and hard rock. In a quote from their Facebook that describes them perfectly, “They just might have what it is you’re looking for. You know, that sound that makes you want to take a long drive, love someone, drop in on an overhead wave, or even just kick it on a porch. Whatever it is you do, or wherever you are from, they know.”

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