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The word “hemp” is of Germanic origin, adopted into Old English.according to etymology online dictionary“hemp” comes from Old English “hænep”, cannabis sativa. come from From Old Saxon “hanap”, Old Norse “hampr”, Old High German “hanaf”, and Proto-Germanic “hanapiz”, from which the German “hanf” is derived. It really shows how words evolve over time. It is also related to the Dutch “hennep”. Today, of course, hemp only refers to non-psychoactive varieties of cannabis.


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While North African countries use different terms, “daga” is commonly used to describe cannabis in South Africa and surrounding areas. Dagga is the Afrikaans word for cannabis, which became widely used in the 1660s. Dagga is derived from the word “dacha” in his Khoekhoe language used by the people of Hottentots, a term used to describe cannabis and various other psychoactive plant species. Leonotis leonurus, Smokeable shrub, also called Lion’s Tail. Today, legendary strains such as Durban Poison and Malawi His Gold have made South Africa famous.


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according to English Words of Arabic Ancestry, The earliest known archival record of the word “hashish” dates from 1598, but it has been in common use since at least the Middle Ages. Derived from “assassin”, derived from “assassini”, transformed in the 12th century from the Arabic “hashīshin”. According to legend, Hassan-i-Sabbah assassins used hashish to drug themselves and others with potent cannabis concentrates, as described in the writings of Marco Polo. By doing so, we recruited more members.


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The ancient Sanskrit word for cannabis is very old, dating back to the 5th century BC or 400 AD.according to Cannabis: History, the word “bang” and other variations became popular among Hindi-speaking cultures. For example, in Shaiva tradition, it is believed that bhang should be given as an offering to Lord Shiva. It has been used to describe hemp, marijuana, and addictive drinks made from marijuana.Modern bhang is usually a cannabis tea made with milk and sometimes saffron and garam masala.


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Pacarolo, which means weed in Hawaiian, literally means “numbing tobacco.” The Hawaiian word “paka” means tobacco and “lōlō” means numbing or getting high. It has been in use since at least 1842 when it appeared in a Hawaiian-language newspaper. Ka NonanonaIt is also the origin of the name of the cannabis brand lōlō. In Barack Obama’s early days living in Hawaii, he and his “thum gang” (the Stoner Crew) called them weed pacalolo. I love Maui Wowie and classic Kona Gold.

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