By. Zodiac Mama

May 21 – June 21
Lucky Numbers 3, 8, 18, 27, 33, 42


It’s fitting that the last day of days is the beginning day of this month’s party sign. If all goes as some have planned, you will never read this; it just ends up like that tree in the forest that falls. If you are reading this, then you can see how different people see the same thing in different ways. For some, this day might be the beginning of the end; but for our Gemini, it’s just another excuse to have a party.

The Gemini Female
The Gemini woman is a fast walker and thinker, and is adaptable to many situations. She has a truly contagious kind of enthusiasm with a rapid, logical mind combined with charisma; mix in a mischievous streak, a bit of sarcasm, and you’ve got it! The Gemini woman is open-minded and quick witted. No one can deny that she is a delight to be around. She is a people person and party lover. She is a true party girl! The Gemini woman is extremely changeable and loves anything new. She makes an elegant hostess and is a perfectionist in her personal expression. She has a keen sense of style. Her home and clothing are always up-to-date.  The Gemini woman loves to travel, whether it’s across town or the country. However, it seems that she is always 10 minutes late wherever she goes. In a relationship, she is honest and charming. She is a free thinker and attracted to people who communicate easily and intelligently. This gal is a real treasure. Honest, fun loving, and a real joy to be around. If she is a smoker, you can be sure that she has tried all the best new strains with the newest pipes on the block. Don’t ever count her out, nothing gets her going faster than the sound of a Bic click.

The Gemini Male
The Gemini male is highly intelligent with a super personality that charms many. His dynamic enthusiasm can take him anywhere; a new adventure is always in his future.  He has a mind that is restless and eager, and a personality that is adaptable and interested in many subjects.  His knowledge of how to get the most out of every plant makes his harvest time very special for all of his friends.  His keen sense of humor makes him the center of attention, and his choice of smoke can’t be beat. Women love to be around him because he is so fun-loving. The Gemini male has always been popular.  Basically, people love to be around this man because he loves people. He is enthusiastic, curious, and comfortable with all types. The Gemini man is capable of solving complex problems when he is really interested in doing so. He often loves to read into the night as he has a problem with insomnia. It seems to be a lifelong problem with an easy cure if you know what I mean.  In a relationship, he is loving, witty and insightful. He will keep the fun alive. So if you believe the end of days is near, grab onto a Gemini male – the party has just begun.

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