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The B Foundation played at Soundwave in Mission Beach as a part of their Spring Harvest Tour where NUG Magazine got the chance to sit down with the guys before their show to talk about music, influences and cannabis issues. Originally from Los Angeles, The B Foundation dishes out rock music relevant to the California lifestyle…If that typical life is near the beach, hanging back, drinking beers, and touching on issues about relationships, fun, and getting loaded. Read on to discover what’s new, what’s in store for them, and how Jason, Patrick, Joe and Ian (the drummer who was at dinner, but to which their merch’ guy, Mike, answered in his place) explore the Do-It-Yourself method.

For those unfamiliar with you and your music, what do you want to say about The B Foundation?
Jason: Phenomenal live band with a lot of good energy. Come give us a try for 60 minutes of your time. Let us play for you, and then feel free to judge.

What do you hope your fans connect to with your music?
Jason:    Awesomeness; their brains to their ears.
Patrick: We just play what we feel. Whether it’s a happy-go-lucky song, something serious or minor stuff, we either rock out or just chill.
Jason: The four of us are into a lot of different kinds of music, so we each bring something to the table.

You’ve toured internationally, can you tell me about that?
Jason: In Japan, we had 13 headlining shows and 11 sold out. That was crazy!
Patrick: We played at Rocky Point in Mexico at a festival with the Dirty Heads and Tomorrows Bad Seeds. We’ve also played in San Felipe.

What bands are the most influential and which ones are the most memorable?
Patrick: Sublime for most influential; Zen Robbi and Metallica for most memorable.
Joe: Led Zeppelin, Phish, and Stevie Ray Vaughan for most influential, and Barrington Levy for most memorable.

–Mike says “Miley Cyrus” for Ian McGrath, but that’s not verified. Their laughing says otherwise.

Jason: NOFX, but my iPod goes from classical to death metal to gangsta rap. Easy-E, Ice Cube, and NWA for most influential, and Slightly Stoopid, Eek-A-Mouse, and The Expendables for most memorable.

At a local show in December, you dedicated a song about cannabis to NUG Magazine. What is your take on the legalization of it?
Patrick: We don’t care if it’s legal or not.
Joe: I like weed.
Jason: If the government was smart and wanted to make billions of dollars, they would legalize and tax it, and maybe that would get us out of our trillion dollar deficit.

What is your favorite strain?
“Blue Dream!”

Your website states that you have a “do-it-yourself” method. Explain that.
Patrick: You have to take the blow up doll out of the box and blow it up first. No one can help you. (laughing)
Mike: We got pocket assholes.
Jason: We don’t have a label, but we had offers. We had a great huge label and great distribution, but it didn’t turn out so great because we ended up losing a bunch of money and losing stature on our album. Now, we produce our own records with some help, but we pay for marketing. The street team and fans are most important to us. They’re the ones who can go out and tell people about it. They’re really the most important part of what we do. Just…all love.

“Let’s talk more about weed,” says the band. – Jason talks about how they bought a piece for the tour, but as soon as they got to their next stop, they forgot it was on a member’s lap; it dropped and broke. Needless to say, they were bummed.

What’s new and coming up for you guys in the near future?
Patrick: We’re proud owners of the Detroit Red Wings (in a computer game where they display more “teamwork.” They were quite serious about this hobby!).
Jason: Joe is new. He just started a month ago and this is his first week touring with us (this is because Tyler, their former guitarist, had a medical condition that left him unable to play). Joe’s nickname is “Flaming Pterodactyl” and you don’t want to know why! If you’re curious though, catch a show. We got seven or eight songs we’re working on right now with very limited time; but when we get home, we’re going to try and work on 10 more songs for an album coming out called Hard At Work, because every time we play, we get boners.

–With that last comment, we ended the interview. I tell ya’, there was plenty more stuff these guys said that got me chuckling. When discussing Blue Dream, Jason also added, “I don’t like to melt into the couch, like Ehhhhhhh.”

The B Foundation is a laid-back, do-it-yourself band! With four albums out and a busy schedule, we can’t wait to hear what’s next for them on their new album. Until then, stay tuned to their site at  PEACE!

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