Glamour & Glow

Article and Photo By. Tiffany Janay

I went to the Glamour and Glow Fashion Show for the glow in the dark show, but what I left with was much more. It was a complete experience. As soon as we (my husband and I) walked through the doors of the 4th & B, the venue had been noticeably transformed into a glowing, laser light village. After checking in, we were given glow sticks to wear as bracelets and 3-D glasses. This aroused our curiosity in anticipation for what was to come.

As we turned the first corner, there were vendors set up with unique paintings that lit up under the glowing lights.  My favorite painting read: “Allow your senses to fade and see with your consciousness into the light of truth.  Become the plane on which the revolutionized mind resides. Understand love.”  The next booth had a group of guys who were all wearing plain white clothes. They had laser pointers and did rave style dancing while pointing the lasers at the white clothing, which allowed the laser lights to create artistic tracers wherever they pointed them because of the special invisible ink.

When we entered the main room of the venue, it was like going to a party with Alice in Wonderland.  It was a whole different world in there. There must have been about 100 models walking around and blending in with the crowd all night.  They were in bathing suits and high heels, and they all carried a vibe of class. They were body painted and wore wigs that glowed. They were art and definitely added to the ambiance of the event.

Another strong contributor to the whole vibe of the night was the horticulture.  This event was not only about fashion, music, and dancing, it was also about living plants.  The venue had exotic plants placed in key spots throughout, which exuded  fresh, crisp, floral fragrances into the air. The DJ was up on stage and danced along to her music in a tutu as if she knew this was the best place to be for the night. We soon realized what the 3-D glasses were for. They were for the 2 large pieces of art that hung on the walls.  What you saw with your bare eyes was different from what you saw when you put on the glasses.

We found our seats up top, which provided us with a perfect view of the stage in preparation for the fashion show.  Although we typically aren’t fans of house music, the beats were contagious. I even saw my husband doing moves I don’t believe he knew he was capable of.  The stage was used for very talented models to come out and dance along to the music, and watching them groove was a show in itself.

Finally, the fashion show began. They had these amazing laser lights that danced to the music and highlighted the smoke that was in the air.  The laser lights were magical and intriguing. If they wouldn’t have had a fashion show at all, I would have been content with just the laser show.  The models began walking down the runway, wearing different fashions from their clothing sponsors.

Every aspect of the show was constructed with great detail, which was every thought the West Coast Club Life organizers had for the show being executed at the highest level possible.  This event only happens once a year, so definitely add it to your calendar NOW! One night in Wonderland wasn’t enough.  I want more!!!

bringing you that fire!

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