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By: Sandieganliz

The Pier is an online magazine dedicated to bringing the latest news and reviews on the Reggae/Rock scene, particularly the kind that emphasizes an acoustic approach. “Take Life Easy” – doesn’t that sound like a reggae approach? NUG Magazine got a chance to discuss The Pier’s impact and future in the online world of Reggae/Rock fans, bands, and shows as it relates to the global scene.

What is your primary goal in providing this free information online? Are you happy with the content your magazine provides to the online community?
Artists have a place to be showcased and to spread word of their upcoming albums, tours and general news, and fans have a one stop environment to absorb this info. We are thrilled at how we’re being received globally. We always get pumped when emails come in from fans and groups in other countries. It’s a pleasant reminder of why we do this in the first place.

The Pier started in 2007, but underwent some recent changes; how has this affected the magazine?
Since 2007, we’ve made a lot of progressive upgrades to the sites format as a result of the growing demand from the artists and fans. As a growing online magazine and community, I think there will be constant changes to support the sites growth & demand. We’ve added a built-in show locator, which enables viewers to search by artist with all upcoming shows. We put emphasis on our Free MP3s with our MP3 Massive section and MP3 Leak of the Week, both dedicated to free MP3 downloads.

You’re an exclusive online magazine bringing music news to the world; do you get bands from all over the world sending you their music? What has impressed you the most about how people have reacted to your magazine?
There are groups that find us and there are groups that we find. It’s all a community effort. We don’t just get emails from bands, but from fans all over the world, letting us know who they’ve recently discovered.

Reggae/Rock has all kinds of roots that stem from Jamaica and other islands to California and throughout the country. Why do you specifically focus on this style? What makes it special?
One of the gravitating elements of this genre is the positive energy.  If you listen to the lyrics of reggae music, it’s mostly uplifting. It’s a place where people can escape to and drown out the negativity that is often over-powering in our world.  People want to feel good and they tend to get pulled in by this.  Reggae has always danced on the fringes of popular music, but has managed to maintain its independence. The combination of reggae and rock music genres seem to blend seamlessly, creating a marriage that feels very organic.

Reggae music is notorious for implementing the use of cannabis. Do you find this offensive or simply just part of the culture?
In the last few years, cannabis has been moving into the spotlight of many political debates.  Regardless of your own personal beliefs, I think it’s safe to say that the cannabis movement will eventually become the mainstream of American culture (if it hasn’t done this already).  As a society, it’s time for us to accept this and focus on other issues that are more important like global warming and nuclear weapons. Smoking cannabis doesn’t define this style of music, but it does play a role.

The Pier features music compilations composed of all sorts of Reggae/Rock bands such as John’s Brown Body from the East Coast, Live@Subs from Australia, and even Del Mar from Reno, Nevada, which featured Bud Gaugh from Sublime. Are there any plans to produce one for 2011?
We actually do have plans for a couple of compilation releases in 2011. We’re working on a Pacific Island sampler that’ll be available for FREE download on our site. It’ll encompass all new music from groups that are based out of the Pacific Islands region. Then, we will be releasing our Pier Comp Vol. 2 for sale that will include new and unreleased music from various bands and artists in the community. Both releases will be available exclusively on our site, and we’d like to have them available by this spring or summer. We’ve always seen compilations as a beneficial way to spread awareness on new music, especially when the bands get behind the compilation and tell their fans about it.

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