What’s Good SD it’s ya boy Ras Mike. I would like to thank all the artists who submitted music for the launch of Nug Radio. We appreciate you and most of all keep them coming! Nug Radio is San Diego’s newest Internet Radio Station. We recently came across a San Diego MC named Granzlam and his album “Pot Head” dedicated to all the ganja smokers in San Diego. So you know I had to holla at anyone spreading the word about the herb.

NUG: What it do, thanks for taking time to holla at your dude.

Granzlam: Shit, thank you guys for listening and playing my music on Nug Radio.

NUG: Tell us about Granzlam.

Granzlam: Zlam is a one of a kind cat; he’s an MC, and lyrical West Coast beast. He does it for his town, Daygo, but at the same time he’s not on a Daygo sound or rhyme. He’s trying to do a worldwide sound for the town.

NUG: Who are your influences?

Granzlam: Snoop first and foremost because you know he’s from the same type of hood so I know that kinda person, that type of guy. Not the gang bangin’ Snoop but the cool Snoop, the Long Beach swagger…you know blowing and having a good time, that’s my number one. Andre 3000; Jay-Z, you know he’s a hustler, ask anybody. Music wise, when I listen to Pink Floyd and I see how they push the artistic loop; every time I listen to their music, I’m like wow, how do you get to that level of artistry, you know what I mean? They just release all they got.

NUG: Tell me your thoughts on San Diego music.

Granzlam: I think that when I go out of town and perform they don’t look at our city as a gangster city, know what I mean? You have to kind of represent your city for what it is. People from L.A. are going to blow, because they are seen as a gangster city. When people from L.A. come out lame they don’t blow, it’s because they are too soft for L.A. When people come out too hard from Daygo they’re not taken seriously, like you don’t have any ghettos in San Diego, when everywhere has a ghetto. I’ve been to ghettos in Santa Barbara. For the most part we’re a good city, we’re chill, and we’re a punk rock city at that. So we have to get on that big city level. But at the same time, I’m not going to knock it because that’s what it is. I think in order to put the city on the map we would need someone who reflects the city as what it is. That cool, laid back type shit; a person who’s going to get with the business.

NUG: I notice you’re on some positive vibes and having a good time. Do you think the hood is willing to embrace you and the movement you are trying to put out?

Granzlam: My hood is my hood, they know where I’m from, but at the end of the day I’m trying to get to that trump house. I’m constantly trying to better my situation, so that’s what I’ve been through and I don’t have to go back. I’m trying to reflect and keep it moving.

NUG: So tell us about The “Pot Head” album and how it’s doing.

Granzlam: The “Pot Head” album was my push for the 4/20 holiday. Thanks to everybody who listened and everyone who helps me out. I did this straight from my core, and that’s who I do it for. By the end of this year I should be putting out music on myspace, facebook, twitter etc., I’m just a little bit late to the technology game.

NUG: Tell us about the new album “Highest Man.”

Granzlam: We’re trying to drop it before the NFL season. We only got three more songs until it is released. Its going to contain more real songs, I want it to be more of a reflection on me; the Highest Man.

NUG: What separates you from other San Diego MCs?

Granzlam: I try to be inspirational at the end of the day more than anything, but I’m really trying to get on that up lifting level without preaching. Put it like this: I’m just going to tell it like it is, like it should be, or like it could be. Even when we’re in a recession I’m trying to get people out of the mind set that we can’t do it, when we can. When people think we can do something I think we end up getting it. You can do it!

NUG: What else do you want the people to know about Granzlam?

Granzlam: Just watch out! I’m trying to take off into a whole new planetary level, you know… Getting off this Earth and flying to that Jupiter level. My swagger is space age. We’ve had a few MCs who come in the game with the mentality that they’re going big and they have a good work ethic but they’re no Granzlam. When they see me, I’m going to be a force to be reckoned with, and that’s what it’s about.

NUG: Last question. Favorite dispensary? What you smoke’n on?

Granzlam: I gotta give it up to my boy Nate at THC Clinic Downtown, but the spot is Green Crop…No doubt.  They got the illest Kush. I’m a Kush fan. I just love the Ocean Grown (OG) ya dig!!!

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