GROW: Foliar Feeding and Why?

By: The Guru

Foliar feeding your plants is one of the most neglected procedures of plant care. A plant’s nutrient uptake is more efficient through their leaves, so why don’t more people do this? The reason might be because they don’t fully understand how it works or know about the benefits of feeding in this way.

Foliar feeding was proven to be efficient and beneficial by the advanced plant researcher Dr. H.B. from Turkey. By using radio labeled phosphorus and potassium, they were able to view the uptake and transport of these ions around the plant through its leaves. The conclusion was that foliar feeding increases the plant’s nutrient uptake and metabolism, and therefore can increase the productivity of the plant. If you could increase your productivity by a fair amount and have a healthier plant, wouldn’t you want to start foliar spraying your plants?

A plant is like a factory, every part of it has different jobs or functions. Everything starts with a photon of light from the sun or some source of artificial lighting. This is collected like a solar panel through the leaves, which store that energy as well as nutrients that the plant uptakes. These leaves produce, convert, and distribute almost all the energy throughout the plant. So by foliar spraying your leaves, it is a direct and immediate uptake, making it a more productive and efficient way of delivering nutrients to your plant.

Foliar feeding is the process of spraying the plant with a liquid nutrient solution. This should only be done through the entire vegetative stage and through the 3rd week of flowering. Products like Dutch Master Liquid Light with Saturator or the Professional Foliar Feeding Nutrient from Heavy 16 (one of my favorites about ready to be released on the market) allow you to spray the plants with the lights on, but if you don’t have a wetting agent or surfactant in the mix, then don’t spray under intense or heavy lighting because it will burn the plants. Also, you should never spray every day – only about 1-2 times per week for any foliar spraying. Many times, when one foliar sprays, they can see the reaction like a supercharge of energy being injected into the plant. The leaves will usually stand upright for 45 minutes or so; the plant is exerting them and reaching for light. This is a good boost for the plant and results in healthier, faster growing plants.

Recently, I got to test out a bottle of the Heavy 16 foliar nutrient and was very impressed. As a one part bottle foliar spray, it’s easy to use and worked great! This product contains preformed photo-synlets (organic complex carbohydrates produced by a plant), vitamins, amino acids, and four different forms of calcium. It also has a light dusting of micronutrients in it. The preformed photo-synlets help balance the photosynthesis by providing the missing photo-synlets, especially necessary during times when the plant is stressed. If you’re going to transplant, take clones off a stock plant, or even take indoor plants outside, try spraying Heavy 16 foliar nutrient and see for yourself how well it works. Clones will be root quicker and healthier, and the plant will maintain a higher metabolism rate when under high stress. They use both synthetic and organic products to balance photosynthesis and the metabolism of the plant. Heavy 16 foliar should be sprayed about once a week through the vegetative stage and through the 3rd week of flowering or stop once flower clusters have formed. Heavy 16 foliar is not available on the market yet, but should be very shortly. Check or ask your local shop about Heavy 16 foliar.

Since it is the holiday season and many of you don’t know what to get your friends for Christmas, try getting them a foliar feed product like Heavy 16. Those who have not been using a foliar spray are not getting the most out of their plants. Give one to a grower for Christmas and they will love you for it.

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