Grow or Not to Grow Part 4

By: Mel the Bumbling Gardener

It has now been 68 days since I first plugged in.  If you have read the other 3 parts to this story, then you know my quest was to find an easy to understand, easy to set up, and easy to operate “turnkey” indoor growing system. Based on the size of the machine, power consumption, and harvest time, the HYDROPLEX Spinner was my choice. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve opened the doors to the Spinner just to look in and watch. On the 68th day of this grow, the hairs were now more brown than white, a sure sign that the end was near; I could tell all 10 of my little spinners were ready to get on with their destiny.  Sticky, Smelly, and full of crystals, it was harvest time.

If you’re anything like me, then you thought the growing part was the best. However, when I started watching the flowers grow, I thought that part was the best. Well, you know what, I was wrong both times; the cutting and trimming become the best part of your grow.  The fun had just begun when I forgot to put on the new gloves I bought for this job. Note to self: put gloves on first! A ½ bottle of 90% alcohol later and I finally got my hands into the new gloves. After a few bowls of what I dried out in the toaster oven (come on, you would do the same thing), I got into the whole “cut and trim” zone.

The first plant was a learning experience; I had to learn just how much to take off of each bud. I found myself not wanting to trim as much as I should because what I was trimming was covered with little, milky-white Trichomes. By the 3rd plant, I was over it and my trimming started to speed up until my scissors were stuck closed; I’m sure glad I bought that new bottle of 90% (now I know what scissor hash is). 10 plants don’t seem like a lot until you rip them out at the roots and lay them down next to each other. I tried to guess how much weight I had on the table, but it’s hard to figure out at this stage. Stop thinking, keep trimming. Plants 4 and 5 went a bit faster and the pile of trim was building nicely, but I was only ½ way through. After another couple of bowls, I was ready to tackle the other 5 plants.

As I finished up the trimming, I was amazed at how good everything looked – this was too easy. The Spinner has given me much more than I expected to get on my first attempt at indoor gardening. 10 of my 12 plants turned out great, which is pretty good for a beginner.

I wasn’t sure how to dry my flowers. Some people told me to “hang” my crop, and others told me to cut the buds off the branches and put them on screens to dry. I just happened to have a real herb dryer, so I tried it both ways. After looking at the finished product, I liked the hanging method best. There were no flat sides from sitting on the screen.

With the trimming out of the way, all I had to do was wait for the buds to dry…I’m talking about the 2nd batch of buds in the toaster oven.

I could tell that I was onto something good. If the toaster oven bud was good, can you imagine how much better it will be when it’s finally dried and cured by Mother Nature. Six days later, the buds were a bit smaller and much tighter. They looked great and I could tell it was time to get out the curing jars.  After removing all the buds from the branches and giving them a touch-up trim, I put what I had on the scales, and the 10 mixed  plants from the Spinner gave me just under 12 ounces of pure mixed bud. Now I know why most people only grow 1 strain at a time, because it’s hard to keep 6 or 7 different strains in order with all that trimming and drying going on.  Nevertheless, I know I will get: AK47, Blueberry, White Widow, Casey Jones, The White, and the old OG Kush.

To answer the question “Grow or Not to Grow?” seems easier now.  As a patient with chronic long term problems, I wanted to find a compliant way to further cut the cost of my medicine.  Prop. 215 & SB 420 helps many people to enjoy life as pain free as possible without the high cost and side effects of some Western Medicines.

Just a short time ago, to set up a grow room was a big and expensive thing that took more time than I had to give; those days are gone. To run the Spinner: it took $53.00 a month in electricity, $10.00 in RO water, and about $25.00 a month in nutrients (which may vary). Not a bad deal, $176.00 for the 68 day grow and the cost of clones (12 x $12ea. = $144.00) bring the total to $320.00, and add another $80.00 for whatever. You do the math, you can’t beat it.

My answer is YES, why wouldn’t you grow? I found a great new hobby, lowered the cost of my meds, and feel really good about being part of the Green Thing that is sweeping our country.

My advice to you: look around, ask questions, and get off the fence…Go plant your indoor garden!!

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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