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In past issues you have heard me mention this product called Full On by Grow Switch, LLC. Well, this product is quickly turning heads! It just had its product launch, so to speak, meaning stores will be receiving samples and more information about it as all of the registration processes have been completed. Full On by Grow Switch is now available for sale! To order retail, go to and order through PayPal right now. It soon will be available everywhere!

The reason I am writing about this again is because it is definitely a product I think deserves full recognition. Everyone should know about it! My good friend Lexx in Canada, who has written for Skunk Magazine and Treating Yourself, has been testing this product for a while now and we share the same successful results. One amazing characteristic I’m noticing is with the flavors of my fruits, which are much cleaner and smoother. There are no harsh chemicals or chemical tastes in vegetables or fruits grown with Full On. It’s simple, by increasing the uptake of nutrients through biodiversity and bioavailable ingredients, the plant will use a lot less nutrients to actually increase its harvest by 30%–40% on average. As a result, you will have a much cleaner tasting product without adding more nutrients. Full On actually cuts down N-P-K base nutrients by about 50%!

By using a product like this, we are allowing the plant’s nutrient uptake to become bioavailable, which allows the plant to do what it naturally wants and needs. It also helps cut back on the pollution in our atmosphere and ground water, improving the soils and produce.

Before World War II, everything was grown organically, bioavailable, and not with chemical fertilizers. But after WWII, the government had to do something with all of those chemicals left over from the war…so they developed chemical fertilizers, which have only destroyed our planet and make us sicker by the day. Bioavailable nutrients are what a plant needs to be nutritional and healthy, and Full On by Grow Switch does just that! Increasing the nutrient uptake like this simply changes by a large 30%-40% the nutrient uptake and allows the plant to do a lot more for a lot less!

Full On is a tool and does not need to be used in every single feeding; it is very concentrated! Lexx says that in a 24-plant garden, in 15-gal pots, a single 1-liter bottle can feed your garden for the whole run, start to finish! That’s $135 for a 1-liter bottle that saves you over half the amount of N-P-K nutrients with a 30%-40% increase in yields and cellular production, and better tasting products! All Organic! WOW!!!

This is how my buddy Lexx sums it up in a nut shell:

“The Game Changer! I could ask, ‘How would you like to make more with less?’ I already know what the answer will be, so let me tell you about the real game changer, GROW SWITCH. This is not some chemical trickery, or hormonal accelerant, or even a booster, or blaster; what it is, is a 100% organic and natural way to, putting it simple, ‘Get more while using less!’ As a 100% organic farmer for the past 47 years, every way to boost my yield while using beneficial methods to enrich my soil has had my undivided attention. My editor sent me a tip about this product that I immediately looked into. His guidance has now given me an advantage over every other grower, until they find this real game changer too! This product, Grow Switch, enables the plant to utilize every drop of nutrient and fertilizer, lessening the amounts needed while increasing the yield significantly; and 35-40% more is truly a significant amount! Having been consulted on this product during its development, it was necessary for me to learn how to use this new tool to gain its full potential. It is contrary to my ways to start with less of my amendments in the soil, as well as using my ‘Teas’ at half strength. However, this really, really works! The evidence of its working is the vitality, the vigor, the overall healthy growth and deep rich color in the leaves demonstrating how well it is working immediately! For gardeners who regularly use exotic formulas, costly amendments and fertilizers, the immediate payback by using half as much is why to make it the first product you buy for your garden! The reasonable cost of Grow Switch, its effectiveness while saving on nutrients and fertilizers, makes this a No Brainer Game Changer! Try it, you’ll love it!”


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