Happy New Year from NUG!

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thanks for picking up another issue of NUG Magazine. 2011 was an up and down rollercoaster ride in the cannabis community and, unfortunately, ended on quite a downturn. But as I always say, “2 steps forward and 1 step back is still 1 step forward!” When I think back over the last 3 years that we have been publishing NUG Magazine, I am proud of the steps forward that have been made and choose to look at those, rather than dwell on the small backward pushes that we as an industry go through. I was recently interviewed by the 420 Times regarding what my thoughts were on the economic effects of the recent federal crackdown on the industry and on NUG itself. The ancillary businesses and people who are affected by this meaningless, outdated, and ineffective war on a plant are many. Besides the obvious tragedies, like patients not having access to their doctor recommended medication in a safe environment, there are literally thousands of people being hurt. Writers, photographers, sales people, printers, designers, trucking companies, bands, product companies, landlords of commercial real estate and more are all affected by the attempt to completely wipe out the only industry that is thriving in California!

With this New Year, we as an industry and a community must understand that the recent backlash from the federal government and the crackdown on the medical marijuana movement are coming because we are WINNING!!! We are changing the perception of this plant and the powers that be are beginning to grab at straws to try and stop us! This is NOT the time to pull back, but rather the time to move forward. Support the people who support the change that we collectively want to see! With initiatives on the local, state, and federal levels popping up, there are plenty of opportunities to help ALL of them! Let’s not bicker about which one is better and let the opportunity pass us by! Support them ALL! NOT ONE person belongs in prison for cannabis regardless of their reason for using it!

We at NUG want to thank everyone who continues to support the movement, and we also want to tell our readers that their voices are important. Don’t ever let the opportunity to educate someone on cannabis slip past you!

-Ben G. Rowin

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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