Harmonic Soundwaves to Increase Yields and Brix Levels

by The SD OG Grower

All of us want that magic potion in a bottle that is going to give us heavier yields and sweeter fruits! But most growers concentrate on the lights and nutrients, wanting a flowering or bloom booster, or enhancer that’s going to magically give us a larger harvest. However, if we don’t pay that same attention to our environment and water quality, then we can never achieve the best yields possible. Many people have the most expensive nutrients, but have no type of water filtration and have a poor environment, or simply don’t have the proper temperature and humidity control. These are all things that need to be perfect in order to achieve the best yields possible. But once you have these factors dialed in, there are a couple of other new things you can do to improve your garden, and here is one of the newest products to help!

Has anyone ever wondered what the natural sounds of nature do to plants? Have you ever noticed that the only sounds in your grow room are your buzzing ballasts, fans and pumps? Well, as always, Mother Nature provides things that we just can’t explain or understand. Nature creates all sorts of natural sounds, vibrations and harmonic waves that have a direct effect on the plants and how they grow. BioWave Industries has recently released a machine that does just that; it produces harmonic waves that resonate with plant frequencies, causing the plant stomata to dilate. What does this mean? It means that it allows the plant to breathe easier and more efficiently, allowing it to produce larger, healthier crops! Many of you have probably heard that classical music is good for plants. However, it’s the vibrations and harmonic waves of the music that are soothing to plants, which is similar to how music relaxes us and allows us to be more at peace. These machines are not cheap. It costs about $2400 for the DI-9200, but it can cover a 5000 sq ft room. I recently got one from Scott at IGS to test it out for him. I’ve heard a lot about it from reputable growers up north, and there have been studies and tests done by labs that prove it’s effective with an average of 20% higher yields and much higher brix or sugar levels. Not bad for larger yields and sweeter, healthier crops! It also reduces pests because the harmonic waves seem to disrupt their activity; fewer pests have been reported in most of the tests.

This is not new to me because I’ve read about plants benefitting from sounds and harmonic waves for quite some time. However, this is the first actual machine I’ve seen, and one with university studies behind it that prove its effectiveness. The great thing is that it’s easy to install. It only took about 20 minutes to mount it to the wall with the brackets that were included with the unit. It also has a 3 year warranty and is made out of stainless steel to prevent corrosion. It comes in 2 models; the DI-9200 is for indoor grow rooms and greenhouses up to 5000 sq ft (1.5 acres). It operates off either 120v or 240v, and draws only 60 watts. The DI-9000 farm model covers up to 10 acres, and it operates off a solar panel and a car battery.

I will be testing this unit for the next couple of months on a fresh batch of plants in a controlled, sealed environment (a warehouse grow room). I’m not running side by side experiments, but this is a room that I’ve dialed into over and over again for the last year or so, which is about 7 crops or cycles. I believe I’ve consistently grown 14-15 lbs of high quality fruit. I’m also using the same strain clones from the same genetics and stock plant I’ve been using for years, so I know what to expect. The room uses five 1000watt lights and four 600watt lights that are all air-cooled with a 3 ton Excel Air Stealth Split A/C system, a C.A.P. CO2 Generator, and the GEN-2Pe with 8 burners. It is a drip system with no more than 9 plants per 1000w light, and no more than 6 plants per 600w light. All plants are grown in Canna Coco using Canna Coco nutrients A/B, Cannazyme, Rhizotonic, Boost and PK-13-14. A couple of additives are used such as Botanicare Cal-Mag, Botanicare Silica Blast, Vermicrop Compost Tea Solution, Mycos – Mycorrhizae, and foliar spray through veg and the first 3 weeks of flowering with Heavy 16 foliar spray. This has been my nutrient schedule for the last year and I will keep it the same for this test run.

I’m excited about this new product, and mostly excited about the higher brix or sugar levels. Sweeter fruit is one of the best things in life to me! The larger yields are pretty cool too! Look for the article in a few months when I write about my results and how it really performs and works! Till then, concentrate on your environment, air quality and water quality. Always sterilize your room and keep a clean environment because your plants will thank you for it!

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