High Mystery Pilot Episode: The Beast of Busco

You are officially quarantine-invited to the world premiere of ​HIGH MYSTERY,​ THE TV SHOW!!!

4/20 is being overshadowed by the COVID-19 pandemic which is making for a pretty sad holiday. This was supposed to be ​THE 4/20 extravaganza of ALL 4/20 extravaganzas​! The whole month of April is 04/20! Now, everyone is just trying to keep themselves entertained while trapped inside. You’ve completed 50 puzzles, watched all of Tiger King (including the after show)…now what!?

The producers of ​HIGH MYSTERY​ have a 4/20 holiday gift just for you: ​the pilot episode of a brand new, weed-based original conspiracy theory series.

In ​HIGH MYSTERY ​our host and improv-comedian, Tristan Ott, sits down with a comedian or celebrity from the “Stonerverse” and has them share their favorite conspiracy theory while getting super baked. We intercut literal re-enactments of their story and voila…It’s basically ​Drunk History,​ but with stoners.

The creators have been working on this dank treat since January of 2019 and finished post-production on the series pilot at the beginning of this year. Armed with their show materials, they began setting up meetings to sell HIGH MYSTERY just as the emerging COVID-19 epidemic shut down all work and non-essential business for, well, the foreseeable future. Taking a pause to re-evaluate their plan, co-creators Tristan Ott & Troy Guthrie got on Zoom, smoked a blunt, ​and decided they would release their pilot episode for everyone to enjoy on the 4/20 holiday.

“The show is broken down into 10-15 minute, bite-sized, complete episodes,” says Troy Guthrie (former Producer on Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s YouTube channel). “In each episode, we meet our special guests in their home. We get to see into their lives, their smoking ritual, and the audience gets to know the guest over a bowl, maybe some edibles. We rarely see this side of celebrities in other TV shows, and ​with over two-thirds of Americans supporting marijuana​, this is a pivotal time in weed culture. Our audience wants to see celebrities getting high, and hearing them talk about their favorite conspiracy theory or unsolved mystery is the perfect combination; it’s a no brainer!​ We have seen the success of Drunk History, and we have created the 4/20 version.”

“We have something new to share, and we think people should have something new to watch,” explains Tristan Ott (Co-Creator and Host). “This is just a proof of concept, but we are extremely happy with it. More than ever, it’s important that we continue to create and share our content with the world. ​If our show puts a smile on someone’s face or serves as a little escape from the new normal, that’s a win.​”

When ​HIGH MYSTERY’s​ first season is picked up, you can expect to see Tristan Ott sitting down with well-known celebrities such as Doug Benson, Miley Cyrus, Snoop Dogg, Rihanna, Tommy Chong, Joe Rogan, Whoopi Goldberg, Seth Rogan….you get the picture. The list of celebrities in the “Stonerverse” is ever-growing, as are the wild theories and conspiracies to be explored. ​Let’s add 5G, and Coronavirus being a Bio-weapon to the list!

HIGH MYSTERY​ highlights the fun, communal, thought-provoking experience of smoking pot with your friends and discussing the great mysteries of the universe, continuing the legacy of storytelling and community. Challenging the status quo and learning to listen to ideas and thoughts that might challenge your own.

Since you are stuck at home, physically distanced from your community, hop on Zoom with your fellow 4/20 friends, roll up a big fatty (or have one delivered), and enjoy ​HIGH MYSTERY,​ the TV Show. ​This is the original weed-based conspiracy theory show that you’ve been waiting for​. Best of all, it has nothing to do with COVID-19!

Interested? Here’s what you need to know: Date: 4/20/2020!!
Time: all-day
Location: Link here: CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Enjoyed what you watched and want to see more? Reach out to the HIGH MYSTERY team directly at


Troy Guthrie @TroyGu3
Tristan Ott @Ottert.

bringing you that fire! stay tune for more posts.

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